Sunday, 22 June 2008

Fruit Cake

my kitchen is back in operation!

bila mood masak2 tu dah datang balik mulalah sehari suntuk sampai tak cukup hari siang sampai ke malam tak berhenti memasak.
i made mee rebus for dinner yesterday. since semalam was my working saturday so tak sempatlah nak cook for lunch. unless hubby is willing to munch on keropoks & biscuits while waiting for lunch to be served... err in time for tea agaknya? so forget the hassle and bought ready cooked lauk instead.
semalam ada project baking which will keep me in the kitchen for the longest time. so i decided to prepare kuah mee rebus awal supaya by the time nak dinner boleh panaskan kuah & siapkan condiments nya aja. our dinner is normally around 8 to 8.30pm on weekends and slightly earlier in certain days in the weekdays. but hubby dah tak sabar2 nak makan mee rebus, he had his the instance i finished preparing the kuah. tuan tanah dah minta makan so celur lah mee & siapkan condiments. pastu malamnya merungut lapar sebab dinner dah jadi hidangan tea time. duh!
ok move on to my baking project. i've been planning to bake steamed fruit cake for my abah since last weekend but since i had this withdrawal syndrome last week so tangguh ke this week. yang tak tahan tu nak mengukus kek ambil masa berjam2. whatever, i'm sure abah is going to love this cake... abah memang suka fruit cake :-) and this one taste simply divine. i delivered the cake petang tadi, the same time i fethced my mom who's going to spend the whole week with us. mama rindu sangat kat cucu2 dia, aku pulak memang tak sempat nak balik lama2, so alternative is get mama to stay at our house for one week.

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