Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Post Eid

Alhamdulillah..... Back at home after spending 2 days at mom's for EidulAdha. All the four siblings with their 10 brood were there. Menjadi-jadilah hiruk pikuk. Mom made delicious nasi minyak with kari tulang and sambal ayam merah. Masih terasa dalam mulut... yummms. The day before eid almost all adults perform puasa sunat Arafah. Alhamdulillah. I couldn't *sigh* so I took charge of preparing food for their break fast. Our eid was very low key. Lepas solat sunat Raya the men all went out ke surau membantu melapah daging qurban. We did our qurban di luar negara so we didn't get to witness our own qurban. Dapat merasa daging qurban orang lain. Rezeki dari Allah.

So now I have daging qurban in my freezer. What to make? We don't eat beef that much. Kadang-kadang je, itupun in making lasagna or bolognese sauce or once in a while bila buat beef patties for burgers. I was thinking of making daging masak merah, geram semalam tengok Chef Ammar masak kambing masak merah. Tapi tak mungkinlah masak daging hari ini. Baru semalam pekena kari tulang. Walaupun tulang, tapi ada juga daging sikit-sikit dan tetelnya. Takkan straight 2 hari pekena daging. Tak bagus tu. But I think I'll go with making beef tagine, a Moroccan style beef stew. But I'll need to get some spices which I don't normally have in my pantry. Nanti boleh marinate the beef overnight dan esok sajalah masak. It'll be more flavoursome once marinated. Hope so ;-). 
Ok so off we go to the market.