Thursday, 13 March 2008

Penne In Tomato Basil Sauce

how can something so simple like this dish be so irresistible? maybe simply because all of us just love to eat pasta, with tomato sauce of course. this is the first time i made a pasta dish with penne. never tempted to try it before, we always go for spaghetti or lasagna. i bought a packet of penne last 2 weeks. i wanted to try out madam lemongrass's recipe of alfredo pasta, but never got around to make them. the heavy cream that i bought to make alfredo sauce was utilised for creamy mushroom sauce eaten with grilled chicken.
my kitchen has run out of supplies. but i have plenty of tomatos & basil in the fridge. i don't know what to do with them, but i must use them before it become rotten. so i surf for tomato & basil recipe and eureka... i found the tomato basil sauce recipe at yeah i found plenty other recipes too i.e. stuffed chicken basil, grilled chicken breast with basil and so on. but i don't have chicken in my fridge, and i have a packet of unused penne. so penne in tomato basil sauce would be perfect for tonite's dinner. ;-)
as for the ingredients, it is so simple. all i need were chopped garlic, 4 tomatos, fresh basil, fresh tarragon, fresh thyme, some dried herbs, pepper, salt & a pinch of sugar. and remember, always use olive oil . sugar can be omitted if the tomatos are ripe enough. first, sauteed the garlic until golden, add diced tomatos & fresh and dried herbs at once. let it simmer, until the tomatos soften and dissolved. when the sauce thicken add seasoning, adjust the taste to your liking and ready. the tomatos does plays an important role in this recipe though. i used momotaro which is not really suitable to make a tasty pasta sauce; it's hard texture and guava pink color really didn't do justice to the sauce. but that's all i have, and still taste good so i make do with it this time.
when fahmi and yaya screaming for a second & third helping, and hubby keep on returning to the kitchen, i knew by then that this simple recipe is worth reproduce! so, i guess we can stop hitting the counter for canned pasta sauce for a long long time, yeah?


azie said...

mana nk dpt loose fresh all the daun2 itew..kt tesco xde pun..yg dried saje nampak

Liasari said...

kat care4 ada jual, dah siap pek kecil2. kat cold storage pun ada jual. tu yg lia pakai baki buat filing chicken pie tempohari. x tahan lama, cepat rosak. pakai yg dried pun ok. rasanya yg dried lg kuat aroma dia.

s2m3r said...

teringin nak makan cam nieH
tapi masalah perot melayu nieH
susah..kang buat
ila sorang je makan
sob sob

liza said...

waaa... bila nak anta ni???

Liasari said...

kita klu buat mmg utk mkn sendiri dgn anak2 jer... sbb org sorg tu suka makan nasi. tp dia mesti tergoda juga akhirnya

bila nak mai umah ni? kekeke

nOLie said...

mencikk tau pompuan nieh..suker buat aku terliur...uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...nak jogakkkkkkkk....