Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Flags All Around

we choose to go western for our dinner tonight. we had grilled salmon with light lemon herbs sauce; no rice, dapat salmon sepinggan sorang pun dah kenyang. suka betul buat one meal dinner macam ni, all in one plate, the fish and veggies; cukup lengkap. dapur pun kurang berkecah. but the smell that comes out from the fish masa tengah grill tu memang a bit turn off my selera sebenarnya. it smells like ikan masin, busyukkk. thank God it doesn't taste like one ;-).

it was while sitting leisurely watching tv that we heard bunyi motor lalu lalang depan rumah. and sayup2 suara ceramah politik dari playground neraby. hmm there is no escape from being engulfed in the heat of the coming general election. banners, flags and flyers everywhere. budak2 sekolah yang tak tau apa marching keliling taman carrying flags, some who have bikes would carry the flags riding keliling taman. what i object to most is the youngsters being used to do such thing simply have no regard for their own safety. they'd ride their bike recklessly, they don't give a d*** ada kereta lalu ke apa ke. and those adults who ask (pay) them to do such pun satu hal, tak bertanggungjawab.

and tonight, i heard DSAI is delivering his speech. teringin nak dengar ceramah dia sebenarnya, but my two little kitten ni mesti nak menyibuk. hubby went anyway; will catch up with him later ;-). i was in my first year at uni when he (dsai) was removed from office. back then, he was very popular among young people, uni students. aku pun tak terkecuali teruja dengan auranya. we (me & my hostel mates) were ready to strike a march in reaction to his removal, if we were asked to do so. semangat orang2 muda lah katakan. well, anyway, everyone is entitled to their own opinion dan pilihan. there is no right or wrong in doing so.

and tonite, fahmi dengan mulut banyak soalnya, he blurt out satu soalan lawak. he asked me just now what is the thing yang boleh scroll(not his exact word though) ke atas ke bawah kat monitor pc ni. he assume that since 'benda' tu bleh gerak ke atas ke bawah, then it is a 'lift' as in the elevator yang kita naik tu. and before i say anything further to correct him dia dah terus tanya lagi "ada orang ke dalam lift tu, mama?"

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