Sunday, 11 May 2008


tortilla toasties.

simple breakfast on mother's day... heheh mana ada cuti masak. by the way, maid cuti weekend ni so me & hubby back to cleaning the house & run household chores on our own. thanks so much to hubby, he mopped the floor & bathe fahmi & yaya while i prepared the toasties. so, bila kat umah makan simple2 jelah...

jap lagi we are off to holiday villa, subang for mother's day lunch... hehehe best jugak sesekali being pampered macam ni.

1 comment:

eiseai said...

mcm quesadilla smalam. mlm tadi dah kenyang tak mkn, hari ni baru teringat :(

happy mother's day to you. i too have never celebrated mother's day. tapi kalau dpt surprise once in a while best jugak kan?