Thursday, 10 January 2008

Blogging Bug

this is what happened when i have free time. my fingers so itchy i can't stop updating my blog. the result; 2 entries in one day. meaning; there were many many things happened recently that i didn't have time to sit down and capture it in my blog. but the brilliant invention of digital camera makes it possible for me to capture these and save it for when i have time to deal with it.

Caramel Pudding

i made this just now, after dinner. ignore the funny shape, my 'loyang' dah uzur.
Spinach Frittata

made this a week ago.

when bibik left i stop cooking, so i cleared all fresh supplies from the fridge. i stock up 20 eggs instead; i don't understand myself why i bought 20pcs of eggs as if we eat egg that much, which we don't actually.
but well, i have to get rid of those eggs before it rotten. by accident, i was blog hopping actually, i bumped into these recipes made from eggs. very simple recipes, but very yummy.
for the spinach frittata i add new ingredients, ikut selera sendiri; my own version of spinach frittata. it is so good you can eat it on its own.
and the caramel pudding is the easiest recipe i've ever tried. and the result is fantastic!
before i type the recipe here, allow me to say that the credit should go to the person who created caramel pudding & frittata. since i dunno who created both, the credit should go to the person/her blog where i found these recipes, but since i don't have the permission to link her blog here, so i'll just say thank you to zaza of cooks & crafts.
caramel pudding
3 sudu besar gula (hanguskan dalam loyang hingga yellowish & ratakan, let it cool+keras)
1 tin susu pekat manis (opposed to the fresh milk i normally use)
7 biji telur
1 cawan air
beat eggs well, stir condensed milk hingga sebati, finally mix well with water. tuang dalam loyang & kukus for 45min or until an inserted stick comes out clean. best eaten chill.
spinach frittata
satu pokok green spinach
3 biji bawang putih, smashed
5 biji telur
1 biji tomato, diced (i prefer sliced, kurang berair)
lots of ground pepper
salt to taste
i add dried mix herbs McCormick (oregano,basil,rosemary etc)
1 slice cheese, shredded
whisk together eggs, ground pepper, salt & mix herbs. in a frying pan stir fry garlic together with spinach until softened and pour egg mixture into frying pan. quickly add sliced tomato and shredded cheese. do not stir, put on medium heat and cook until the top almost set. adjust your heat, don't burn the bottom. when the top almost set, transfer into a preheated oven, under grill funtion to finish cooking the top or til the top become golden; the cheese won't melt though.
best eaten fresh & hot!
there's something wrong with the spacing, it just drives me crazy adjusting the spacing. grrr!


SHIRAH said...

pagi2 open your blog...dah rasa lapar tgk makanan tuh..actually fritata tu dari mana ?
huwaaa nk dok sebelah umah ko ler...

NadiahKhair said...

mauuuu resipi...plisssss...
sgt menyentap itu fritata..

azie said...

mama lia..sila tampalkan resipi utk caramel n fritata itew ok...:D

eiseai said...

i've been wanting to do fritata for the longest time but dont seem to do. balik2 buat mexican baked eggs tu je. nanti one fine day i buat lah. havent been cooking for the longest time. sad :(

Liasari said...

shida, tak susah orang bujang pun bleh buat, sure hsemate berebut!

sally, sangat sedap & simple. your boys mesti suka! kejap jer nak masak tu, sambil2 hubby mandikan budak, tau2 dah siap!

nad & azie,

wati said...

amboi kak lia, maklumlah dah ada maid balik so..projek masakan menjadi ja...kalu ada masak byk jgn lupa panggil kami kat prima nih..

yg nih nak jd jiran kak lia nih!!!

s2m3r said...

pandainya Lia masak
jeles acik tau!
iLa ni dok kumpul resepi tapi buat tak tahu bila

Liasari said...

ahaks! frittata tuh buat masa maid xdelah, sian hubby & anak2 kena makan simple mimple jer. yg caramel tu mmg maid ada, tp dia tgk & makan jer!!

pandai apanyer... pandai copy resipi orang...hehe
apalagi silakan lah, bila lg nak try test microwave oven baru tu? :-)

Liasari said...

btw, wati nak jadik jiran bleh sangat, moh lah pi alam budiman! :-)

liza said...

waa... sungguh menyelerakan ni...
tapi bilalah masa nak buat..
lia.. meh pass kat sini sikit..
yummy... yummy...

Liasari said...

heheh liza pass pinggan kosong!