Sunday, 17 June 2007

Cooking Cravings

I was struck by a cooking fairy. She cast a spell on me, made me had this craving for cooking.

Although my body ached and haven’t fully recovered from the hectic journey early of the week, I just cudnt push away my cooking craving that’s driving me crazy selagi aku tak masuk dapur and do sumthing. What’s more yesterday we were out of electricity supply from morning til 8pm. It doesnt hamper the insanity inside me one bit.

I wanted to make strawberry muffin. I bought some fresh strawberries on Friday and it’s not as sweet as the one I bought last time. So I decided to put it for better use and make strawberry filing for the muffin. In the dark, pureed the berries with spoon (no electricity so everything have to be done manually), transferred it into a sauce pan, squeeze two wedges of lemon, put 1 cup of castor sugar and let them boil until it gelatinised.
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The electricity came at around 8pm. After dinner I start baking for the muffin. It was my first try… and I’m satisfied with the result.

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Muffin sedang menembamkan diri dalam oven … eh apsal muffinku putih melepak? Heheh cud be because I omit the cinnamon powder from the original recipe?

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Errr … while muffin orang lain bentuk bulat, I purposely let my muffin fill up the papercups sesuka hati… hehe my kitchen is short of baking utensils, so ignore the shapes ya?

for recipe refer to this page

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