Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Jantan Terhangat No More

jantan terhangat di pasaran?
siapa lagi klu bukan si getik fahmi. being the only cucu lelaki he was conferred the title "jantan terhangat" by my adik beradik. first cucu was a girl, farah. fahmi the second cucu, then came yaya & nana two more cucu girl for atok & nenek (my parents). my sister wanted to have a baby boy, but last year in february, she gave birth to the 2nd daughter for her and makes a total of 4 girl cucu to my parents. surrounded by all girls, fahmi jadi cucu kesayangan atok & nenek, not to mention kesayangan pak ngah (my brother) also. lagu 'jantan terhangat di pasaran" by kru tengah hot at the time fahmi was born.

so when ros (my sil) got pregnant the 2nd time (actually 4th for her coz she already have 3 surviving kids, 2 from previous marriage), pak ngah was hoping for a boy. to tell the truth i'm actually berdebar2 juga tunggu whether it's going to be a girl or a boy. finally on monday 12 march 2007, a baby boy wieghed 3.75kg was born. Alhamdulillah & wow!

2 title fahmi lupus serta merta. pertama, lupus lah title jantan terhangat di pasaran for fahmi because dia dah ada geng. hubby said habislah lepas ni fahmi dah tak jadi cucu kesayangan. well, i think we have enough love for everybody, i love my kids, all my nieces & nephews (pak ngah's son is not my only nephew, he has one anak tiri lelaki & my sis pun ada one anak tiri lelaki). regardless of whether budak2 ni anak kandung my adik beradik or anak tiri, my arms are always open for more hugs and kisses for them.

kedua, fahmi was born as a chubby baby, weighed at 3.46kg belum pernah ada cucu2 atok & nenek yang lahir seberat dia. walaupun me & my siblings lahir 3 pointer above but paling berat pun around 3.25kg je. at 3 months fahmi was reaching his 6kgs, by 10mths he was already 10kgs, sampaikan my family called him "setoko". we thought 3.46kg tu rekod baby paling berat pernah lahir dalam my family. we never thought that mak ngah yang slim melim tu boleh give birth to a 3.75kg baby last monday! normal delivery plak tu. salute to my sil.

i'm sure pak ngah is over the moon with the baby boy. fahmi pulak he never get to see the baby yesterday ( i took leave and went back to my mom's house yesterday) coz i left him with bibik masa pergi visit mak ngah.

now, uhhh... kena carik hadiah baby plak...

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