Thursday, 1 March 2007

Pilot - How I Wish


This is my first entry, so I named it Pilot. Macam drama bersiri omputih, the first siri on air selalunya mesti title:pilot :).
Actually, this isn't my first blog. I created one 6 months ago, but I was so busy with work, my kids, had a surgery to remove my tonsils in December bla... bla... bla... akhirnya i forgot the password to enter my own blog. That's me... senang lupa anything about myself even my own ID. Itulah... lama sangat jadik seketari... cheh alasan!

Luckily malam ni both my little terror tido awal. Fahmi tak sempat dinner pun dah tergolek atas sofa, after crying & meragam nak daddy sendukkan nasi. Daddy mana ada sayang, daddy dah pi surau. Yaya sempatlah sepah-sepahkan meja dengan nasi sambil temankan mama makan. Lebih banyak nasi yang tumpah dari masuk ke mulut dia. Tak sempat-sempat mama cuci mulut dah minta nak menyusu. After a while menyusu, terus doze off.

I got home quite late malam ni, almost 8pm, hubby and fahmi dah ke surau solat maghrib, leaving yaya with bibik at home. I quickly go up to my room, solat dulu followed by mandi. Yaya was with me, she wanted to wait for me instead of staying with bibik downstairs.
After mandi, i went down to make sambal tempe, well bibik dah masak for dinner, but i felt like makan sambal tempe. Yaya dok merengek nak menyusu, hubby tried to calm and soothe her but she was beyond soothing... apa ayat aku nih... lantak ler. Then i noticed that hubby was a bit crossed with me, i know why. Coz i got home late and the kids sibuk merengek for our attention actually. If only i noticed that... (sigh).

The situation will never get better. With the new post i'm holding at office, I had to give extra attention to every details, the responsibility not to mention the expectation is very high. So, this is the challanges that i had to face right now, to balance my job and my family. But it's very hard for me to handle both...

How i wished i was never offered the post
How i wished i can just let go the offer
How i wished it was just a dream
Finally, How i wished i can just be a housewife...

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