Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Big Boy

fahmi is growing up day by day. i’m so absorbed with my daily work sometimes i just don’t realized how fast the kids is growing.

Like recently we had an argument (yes, my 3yr old boy dah pandai argue) about jeans. one day fahmi insist to don a pair of jeans (long jeans) when i get him dressed for an outing. back then, there was no long jeans in his chest drawer. when I pulled out a pair of ¾ jeans that I bought for him last raya. he refused to don the jeans and said that was not a jeans. a 3/4 jeans is not a jeans? After a long argument it hit me there and then that what he meant was long jeans like the one that nenek put on him last time masa dia kehabisan seluar nak pakai masa kat rumah nenek. but that was kakak farah’s jeans with butterflies & flower prints, takkan mama nak kasi hensem boy pakai jeans girl?

two things hit my mind on the instance. no. 1 my baby dah pandai voice out his preference, which brought me to no. 2 that is, he’s a big boy now, he doesn’t want to be dressed in ¾ or short pants anymore. he wants to be dressed the way a big boy dressed, in long pants/jeans. it made me realized that no matter how hard I tried to keep my children under my wings, I have to face the reality that they are growing up and I cudnt stop them from growing up.

sekarang fahmi dah pandai choose what to wear, he has his own preference. He’s little by little voicing out his mind. my boy is trying to tell me that he’s a big boy now, he doesn’t need me to patronize him the way I did before masa dia kecik.

sekarang kalau bawa dia pergi majlis I dont need to watch over him sangat. he wud make himself comfortable, either sit together among kids around his age or older (I noticed that he’s more comfortable with kids slightly older than him). dia tak kisah langsung kat mana mama & daddy dia, he dun even care about makan. macam masa besday baby neesa kat rumah loveleen (one of pcm forummers), he played with baby hakeem (baby liza putralady) & liza’s younger bro, langsung tak pedulikan mama & daddy. every now and then I wud take a peek over him. sampailah one time tu I saw him sharing a plate of sate with liza’s bro.

but no matter how grown up he is, he wud still be mama’s & daddy’s manja boy. kalau kena buli dengan adik harus menangis sampai tak hingat dunia. tapi ada hari2nya adik akan ‘backing’ abang. like the other day when I teased fahmi bila dia asyik mengaduh sakit lutut (he got his knee scratched masa jatuh kat tempat cuci kereta)

me : eiii abang ni manja lah, nangis jer…
yaya : ‘ukan ‘anja, takit… (bukan manja, tapi sakit)

si kenit ni pun dah pandai argue. the other when i made a remark about hubby's kancil ada 'power', she tried to correct me by saying " 'ukan wower, wower..."
and just now when she said " kikuu..." (refering to a penguin on the cover of her colouring book) i correct her by saying "bukan kikuu, pingu.." she fight back and says " 'ukan kikuu, kikuu!"

seronoknya ada kawan bertekak nih :)


eiseai said...

hehehehe...alim lah fahmi. suits the izzuddin kan?

yaya ni protective pulak of her abang :)

Liasari said...

eiseai: alim koooching! hehe

liza said...

admire ngan dia tau masa kat umah loveleen tu..
rileks je join ngan kita org.. x kisah pun.. sampai ada sekali tu.. liza main calit gam.. pastu calit kat dia.. tu pun dia bole rileks je..