Sunday, 12 August 2007

Gathering Cum Picnic

gathering or i would rather call it a picnic at taman tasik perdana, kl.

it has been quite sometime since we spent our time leisurely by the lake side like this. the last time we went to a place like this yaya was barely 9 months old. she was learning to walk, fahmi was learning how to ride. our house is so crammed, so we decided to bring them somewhere with lots of space to move around. so we brought them to the lake garden in pj, nearby amcorp mall.

it's about time we bring them to the lake garden. asyik2 shopping mall je, mama sorang yang syok sendiri. so i decided to join the PCM Mommy & Baby Gathering pagi tadi. i'm quite surprised myself that i could wake up early on a rest day, this is really an exception. selalu nak buka mata pukul 8am pun susah! hahaha .... we arrived behind the schedule (gathering time at 9.30am, we reached there at almost 10!)... for someone who never saw the green grass of tasik perdana before, dapat sampai tu pun dah kira rekod lah tu!

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packet drinks sumbangan one of the member... i presented my cheeky lasagna ;-)

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mischievous Iman is on a mission

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stay away yaya... 'faris wood' nak tee off ni. nampak tak 'bola' golf tu? miniature teddy jadi mangsa ... asal boleh

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nad & baya & misz hazel

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fahmi meets his new friend, faris

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dania blowing up bubbles... sooo cute in her mini skirt

we really had our fun eventhough we had to move from one place to a better spot seeking shelter from the sun. we definitely not into sun bathing kan nad? that is sooo not melayu.
i have to mention this, we had a lavish breakfast dengan nasi lemaknya, bihun tom yam, triffles pudding, tepung pelita, lasagna etc.

we enjoy the company of other mommies and daddies and the kids too were having fun playing and making new friends. i like to see fahmi bonding with other kids of his age. as for yaya, with her boyish attitude, she played with who ever her bro make friends with or just playing by herself. is she a tomboy on the make? just like her mama used to be?


SHIRAH said...

waahh..bestnyer gathering mcm tuh..makan2 sambail berbual2..emm PCM tuh apa ?

eiseai said...

jeles lah tak gi. tengok semua happy2 je...

Liasari said...

shida : visit ... interesting tau! then u'll know apa tu PCM heheh

sally : ohhh sungguh happy... ada party packs for the kids lagi... soon we'll our CDs koleksi gambar2 gathering... not less than 3 photog dok snap pics... heheh

NadiahKhair said...

we're ssooooo not into sunbathing.. who needs skin tough enough to make a handbag? hahahah.. mcm lizard..
but it was fun kan? next time kite arrange for our circle nak?

Liasari said...

nad : next time masing2 kena pakai mexican hat tu, pastu posing bawah tiang lampu...
bolehhh sgt buat lagi, dpt bbq lg bagus. tapi kena tunggu sally 'menetas' dulu kot? ;-)

eiseai said...

nak buat, buat lah malam2. nanti panassssss...hehehehe