Monday, 29 October 2007

Big Things Comes In Small Packages?

that describes yaya in certain ways.
she is small build for a 2 1/2 years old child, but she has high pitch voice
bisa bingit telinga kalau dia menjerit and it is so irritating to hear her sing let alone cry
i dubbed her a 'midget', biarpun kecil tapi 'bekeng' yang amat
i hope she wouldn't have problem to make friends with her 'bekeng' nature
she maybe small in physical and age comparing to her brother, but she's the first one to eat with her own hand
and my oh my she does have a big mouth!

on the way back to our car after the weekly supplies shopping, we drop by the second hand bookstore at the lower ground level. after getting our hands on a few winnie the pooh miniseries, i proceed to the counter to pay for them. the guy at the counter, he has this shoulder length 'kerinting maggi' sort of hair style, which maybe looks so stylish for other people but definitely not in the eyes of my innocent little yaya.
came out from her innocent big mouth "mama, napa 'ambut owang tu 'acam..."
translation "mama, kenapa rambut orang tu macam ..." and the voice went dead when she finally realised that she had said that aloud and attracted the subject of conversation ears.

and i realised that it is too late for me to cover her up, because the guy understood what she's about to say and with a smile he asked "nak buat rambut macam uncle tak" ooops wrong question kataku dalam hati because i knew there's no way yaya going to say yes. and yaya quickly shake her head and hide behind my back. we were so embarassed at that point, luckily that guy was so quick in changing the subject by inviting us to the book fair this weekend at somewhere-i-dunno-where in PJ.

malunya.... and i recall that was not the first time.


azie said...

apa bekeng tu?garang ek??

eiseai said...

hehehe azie, a'ah bekeng tu garang

Acik said...

yaya mcm qistina la...tak padan kecik tapi bekeng ya amat....yang paling tak tahan...hubby akan kata qistina ikut pangai kita... eee....nyampah ;p