Thursday, 10 January 2008

Year End Goodies

this supposed to be my year end entry but somehow it was delayed.
these are my year end goodies, complimentary from my boss's wife. a remarkable lady who treats people fairly and equally regardless of your age, rank or title. rasa segan juga because eventhough i've left my previous post (no longer involve/assisting her in personal matters), but she never fail to bring back goodies from her overseas trip for me. sometimes rasa nak menyorok bawah meja. hehe orang lain yang pegi shopping, i'm the one yang benefit from that shopping trip. ;-)

dior lips pallete, laura ashley's summer collection & a pair of pyjamas. pyjamas! pun orang belikan. patutlah hubby jealous! ;-)
not that i didn't buy anything with my own hard earned money during last year's year-end sale. bought new akemi bedding set (70% off!)in soft purple which is going to replace the brown bedding set next month. there's more that i wanted to buy, but have to set my priorities. ehm never mind tunggu sales CNY pulak. hehe...

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