Saturday, 1 March 2008

1 Month

tak tahulah if there is any parents out there who had experience facing the same problem like mine right now. if there is any, friends do give your advice. i think i badly need one. :-(

first, i (note the singular) chose not to follow the trend; sending my children to attend pre-school at a very very young age i.e. some starts as early as 3 yo. i don't want my children to get bored by the time they step in to formal school. so i thought i'd coach them at home first, then when they reach 4 only i shall send them to pre-school. which i did with fahmi; he now has been attending the once a week smart reader tutorial class since end of January this year. but, for the past 3 years at home, i had not seriously coaching him. so, senang cerita, walaupun sesekali ku ajar juga abc & 123 but i never teach him how to write until recently just before he join smart reader.

it wasn't easy, juggling between your career, being a wife and a mother. ini kan pula nak jadi cikgu kat anak2 sendiri. as fahmi grew older, i realised that time is running out. at first i thought i could make time for him... and yaya. but now time is chasing us. finally, i gave up... i surrender. i could never do it; coaching them at home. by saying this it really makes me feel like a helpless mother. so, i (note the singular, again. when it comes to the children i made the most decision & planning for them) send him to smart reader, hoping that he will get the attention and education that i lack giving him. oh my... it's me again.

he was so excited about this school thing. perhaps it is the best for him. although he had a late start, but better late than you feel sorry later.

i didn't expect that after a month of him going to once a week class, already he is showing signs of boredom... and lazyness? the teacher been giving him homework, enough to make him occupied at home doing it until the next class. at first i thought that the teacher must be crazy expecting my son to finish of 8-10 pages of homework. if this is how the tutorial done, then i myself can do it too. but i already failed kan? i should be grateful to the teacher. now, i'm beginning to realise that that(homework) is not enough.

fahmi, now he can write AaBbCc. tulisan dia boleh tahan kemasnya. but most of the time when asked to finish off his homework he'd come up with so many excuses i.e. penatlah (after barely a row of alphabet), nak main lah, tangan sakit lah. susah sangat nak keep him concentrate on what he's doing. kekadang i have to force him and use whatever threats that i can think of, kalau tak siap tak boleh main basikal or no food until you finish or no jalan2. he will continue with his homework, but half heartedly. not because that's what he want to do or he enjoy to do. pendek kata, he doesn't enjoy learning. now he even say that he doesn;t want to go to school anymore.

today, his teacher told me that she is splitting the kids into 4 groups based on their progress. and fahmi is in group 4, the less progressing group. his teacher is not happy with his progress, so she's giving him extra attention & tutorial today after other kids left. i'm not happy to hear this, i thought that he is OK at school, and his laziness hanya kat rumah jer. i thought that it is because he had enough at school. teacher said that he can write, but when asked later he does not know or understand what he's writing.

i'm not sure what is his problem? is he so hyperactive he can't be asked to sit and learn? nak kata lemah daya ingatan, dah berkilo ku bagi makan kismis & kalau dengar lagu cepat pulak dia ingat.
how can i make learning an interesting activity for him? dia asyik nak bermain jer, kalau main tak penat pulak. he's already 4, is it still a young age to expect him to be able to concentrate on something like learning ABC? this is not the first class he attended. i used to send him to tumble tots before.
what else can i do for him? how can i make things better for him? helppppp!


SHIRAH said...

salam Wa.. im just give u an idea for you. Even i nope married and hv a childrens like u. Try to buy an interactive courseware CD yg berlambak kat kedai tuh..dan biarkan dia berinteraksi dengan CD tuh. Cuba try & test laa
All my ofismate buat mcm tuh..

azie said...

aiyoo tau nk advise apa..coz dania pun xpegi class lg..dania pun jenis cepat give up.pakai bj sendiri xlepas pun dia boleh mengamuk..kt rumah da melambak beli buku buatnya sekali sekala...

Liasari said...

uarghh shida, CD dah berlambak2 beli. bila smpi kat umah bkn fahmi yg tgk, end up mama dia yg tgk. dia dok terkinja2 main. macam mana tu?

tu lah pasal azie. yg yaya ni terlebih rajin bila abg dia kena wat homework dia yg lebih2 sibuk nak wat sama. yaya is more excited to go to class, tp x leh nak register sama dgn fahmi, nnti lg lah fahmi x focus.
mlm tadi try pujuk2 dia siapkan h/work, jenuh tunggu lebih sejam baru siap 1 pg... badan hangin semacam gerammmm... rasa nak gigit tinger dia... geram tau

NadiahKhair said...

this is the same thing my mom went with us adik beradik...i'm the eldest and sejak dr kecik mmg suke and rajin blaja..even my mom noticed that i dont need coaxing into doing my homeworks but my brothers are 2 different things..they need to be coaxed, threatened, screamed and yelled at to do their homework.. its not that u didnt do a good job at it..its just is his nature as boys to be careless and free.. *oh god! iman camne eh? *

but it will come to him naturally for him to realise that study/homework is just that u have to be patience becos u dont know whether it'll come sooner or later.

however, this is what my mom did with my 2nd brother..made him see homeless/deaf or mute..sbb die takut utk jadi mcm dieorg...he works harder..tapi with constant reminder.

the 3rd brother had PS as the bribe. belikan PS, then only when he finished his homework baru keluarkan.

maybe each kids are unique and u need to find out their preference of doing things their way.

huhuhuhu...lia..good luck okay..
i understand what ure going through. frustrating when ure the only one doing everything. take care...

Liasari said...

dlm usaha nak coaching fahmi ni, i discover that i'm actually an impatience person and perfectionist (to a certain xtent jelah). i want everything to be perfect. pendek kata not only that i discover his true attitude but i made a discovery of my own attitude.

yeah the coaxing, threatening, screaming & yelling part semua ada. tapi nad takkan lah every single h/work nak kena bribe dia. dgn PS plak tuh! botak gini!!!

wht u said is so true abt boys. same like my brothers... tp itu yg paling i takut... huhu

eiseai said...

erk...i have 3 boys. semua lambat ke? hehehe.

personally, i wont push. school for me before std 1 is to have fun. at 4 to be able to know abc is good enuf. to be able to write abc is a bonus.

my brother sucked at school til spm(and i mean really sucked to the point nak fail spm) . now...he's earning gazillion times more than me.

so for me, encourage but dont push.

plus, i just want them to play football. the rest is mere details :)