Sunday, 17 February 2008


we rushed for my best friend's, shikin, wedding in seremban right after work yesterday. we never saw each other ever since our last day at school 12 years ago. we spend 6 years in primary school together and 5 years in secondary which means altogether 11 years of going to school together, children's friendship but it never end there. we were 17 back then, now we are both 29. age is really a factor, we both have changed, we were adults now. i didn't quite expect to see how different she looks now, i remembered how she looked like on our last day at school, she was the cutest girl in our class, small built with a cherubic smile, yess she's like a baby... we even treated her like a baby because she was the smallest, fairest and cutest among us. even describing her now brings a smile to my face. she's so angelic and i secretly admired her for being so angelic that i could never have such composure. i was tomboyish back then.

ohhh there were so much childhood memories i could relate, sweet memories. i really appreciate the fact that she tracked me down months before her marriage. eventhough we have not met each other for 12 years, she remember me and wants me to join her celebrate her happy day. the childhood friendship really mean something, the relationship we shared was a treasure.

i've been trying to trace her ever since we left school. i always wonder what is she doing, how is she doing etc. everyone just went their way after we stepped out of school. only a few remain in touch, by accident most of the time, it is either we went to the same school for stpm or the same uni. very little news i got about her from our circle of friends. i just hope that she is doing fine. alhamdulillah she is. now she runs her own 'mak andam' business, left by her late brother. i'm shocked to hear about her late brother (we went to the same school).

i knew she would be a beautiful bride one day, but i didn't expect her to be so breathtakingly beauty. i always hope i would turn out to be a beautiful swan on my wedding day, but a goose is always a goose. she's a swan, always. i hope she'd make a wonderful wife and mother.

ohhh i am soo touched by this reunion... sob...sob.


SHIRAH said...

Wa..jumpa sapa lagi kat sana ? She's totally different..:)
Huhu...on that day ada MQA meeting. About 3pm baru habis..

Liasari said...

yuppp sgt berbeza. smpi aku terkedu, serius aku mati2 ingat salah umah klu x krn angah ada kat situ mau jer aku cabut lari...kehkehkeh. pija pun ada, ina aku miss coz tau jelah aku dtg part penutup saja delay2 kan pengantin masuk bilik...heheee

dewiputra said...

her late brother?nape ngn abg riduan tu?x tau pun shikin dh kawin..xde sape kasitau...isk...isk...sedihnya

Liasari said...

dewiputra, who is this. ex-ACS? cepat2 introduce urself, excited nak tau ni.

dewiputra said...

try this link..