Wednesday, 12 March 2008


i went for my books shopping spree last weekend and bought 2 books for myself and few other activity books for the kids. one of it is a novel from my all time favourite author Judith McNaught. i've been waiting for her new release called "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You", which expected to come out somewhere end of this year (lama tu!). rindu punya pasal i bought "Someone To Watch Over Me", a contemporary title to my collection. am planning to complete my collection soon with 'tender triumph', 'double standards' and 'night whispers' which i skipped sebab excited mengejar her historical romance novels. bila historical punya dah complete baru ku kejar her contemporary ones.

paperback release in june'08, hardcover in dec'08

just got to know that there's a special edition of 'every breath you take' with extra pages elaboration on the main character. i'm gonna get that one too... that will make 2 same titles in my collection. ;-) (i already have one!) i also bought a stephen covey book, for a more serious reading.

i'm sooo... mcnaughtized!


eiseai said...

makcikkk...i baru nak sms u the other day cos i saw 1 lady in the lrt holding mcnaught's book. thought of u and i wante to ask if the new is out yet. then i saw she was reading "someone to watch over me"

so new book not out yet then?

Liasari said...

paperback copy dah boleh book kat but when its release in june baru dia shipped to you... hehe
i x habis baca STWOM lg... baca tengah & terus smpi habis... haha cheating. i baru beli novel lama dia double standards