Saturday, 10 May 2008

Mother's Day

i was taken by surprise today. i didn't expect it at all & didn't see it coming. i can say that this time hubby & the children berjaya buat surprise for me... for the 1st time! on mother's day! ;-)
i was in the meeting when the flowers/fruits & a heart shape chocolate cake delivered to my office. i went back to my room after the meeting was stunned upon seeing the flowers & a white square box on my desk. dalam terkejut tu berkata2 dalam hati ni mesti silap orang ni coz my boss baru jer celebrate his birthday so i thought flowers & cake tu must be for him tapi tumpang letak atas meja i. tapi bila tengok his secretary buat muka selamba jer rasa pelik pulak. so i took out the card & read them.

“To Mama,
Abang & Yaya Janji Nak Jadi Anak Yang Baik, Nak Dengar Kata Mama… Sayang Mama Selama-Lamanya”

obviously the surprise was for me! it's mother's day lah... how can i forget. no i didn't forget coz hubby already made the arrangement for a celebration lunch esok. but i didn't expect him to work out another surprise with the children. oohhh now i see it! ni lah kerja hubby masa dia balik kerja awal & the children semalam ye? no wonderlah when i reached home i saw the pc was on.

heheee... am pleaseeed sesangat. hubby was very busy the whole week complaining he hasn't got much time to eat at work sebab dok buat paperwork. bila balik umah pun he looks so tired. there wasn't a hint that he'd pulled out a surprise for me. We never celebrate mother’s day… well not really lah just a simple wishes from the children & hubby. I don’t make such a big fuss pasal mother’s day ni, setakat wishes from the kids pun dah memadai. apparently, hubby doesn't seem to take it lightly cos he somehow had instill in the chidlren’s mind that mother's day is an occasion not to forget. i am thankful to him for taking time doing such.

the message wasn't flowery; it is simple and an honest pledge... but what touches my hearts so much was the wordings "sayang mama selama2nya" these words fahmi picks up daripada iklan kat tv. He doesn't quite pick up the words but he turn to me one day asking me to explain what was it all about. so since then he keep on using the words especially bila nak tidur malam. sweet uh?

to all mothers out there, happy mother's day!


SHIRAH said...

bestnyer dpt surprised ...:)

nOLie said...

ishkk jelesss...jelessss

Liasari said...

besttt shida oittt... sok hang dah ada laki kasik lah hints selalu kat dia...kekek

nolie... sampai kembang kuncup lubang idong ko ye... hehehe