Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Boy's Night Out

well... not nearly all boys but just the big boy's (hubby) night out.
i think this is the first ever time i'm so cool about him going out with his friend... to watch the Chelsea vs Malaysia football match at Stadium Shah Alam. i am such a possessive person i want his free time to be spend with me always. so it becomes the most unbelieveable part of our marriage life when the tickets were from ME, i repeat i was the one who gave him the tickets yesterday and i was the one who was so cool when i told him to bring one of his friend instead of myself... well i'm flattered i was his first choice.
anyway, i didn't buy the tickets... but i got them from maxis. i dunno how and why but yesterday i received this courier from maxis, when i opened up there were 2 red grandstand tickets priced at rm103 each. the funny thing is i'm not a registered user with maxis.. tak pernah seumur hidup... the number i'm using was registered under my bro's name... pelik tapi menarik kan?
well, let the boy enjoy his time... ;-)

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