Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Some Update

i haven't been writing much of late. i haven't been cooking that much also. so there being not much interesting thing happen around me and no pictures captured, i just keep silent.

i made grilled sirloin steak complete with mushroom sauce and roasted rosemary potatoes for dinner on saturday. but i was too lazy to snap pictures. then on sunday, i was simply too lazy to cook i made fried rice with salads only for sunday's lunch! later after lunch i went off for a little shopping with my little girl at amcorp mall. it was pouring heavily when we left the house and that half of my excitement almost gone away with the weather. we (me&yaya) went shopping at a kidswear outlet called 'Too Little Shop'. the brief shopping trip works as a therapy for me, after having dotted on my two sick boys the previous week, at least i had sometime for myself last weekend.

my basil plant was attacked by a bug... and the other day i saw some ants hovering and coming out from inside the soil. no wonder there were holes on the leaves...rupa2nya kena makan bugs & the roots are coming out sebab ants semua dah gali tanah. ughhhh... jap tadi baru lepas alih pokok to another pot.

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