Thursday, 3 July 2008

Two Weddings And An Emergency

remember in my previous entry we were supposed to attend 2 weddings on sunday? i did attend my bestfriends wedding sebelah siang tu. but the one at sheraton; we didn't get there that night. instead we get ourselves checked in to the 4 star hotel across the road that night. except there was no ballroom but emergency room and instead of deluxe room we got ourselves single bedded ward room comes with tv but very limited astro channel. in case you are wondering which hotel in subang jaya i'm referring to, it is none other than sjmc.

who was warded and why? hubby was warded ( i got myself checked in to play the dutiful wife attending to her sick husband)for 3 nights due to severe back pain that reduced him to not being able to move any of his limbs without gross pain. he complaints of back pain since returning from his outstation trip to rengit last thursday. thinking that it was a normal back pain, he went to work as usual on friday only this time the pain seems to be persistent and got worse come saturday. bending his body to get into the car took a lot of effort, time and unbearable pain. we travelled back to seremban anyway, with me driving the car; to sent my mom back home and also there was a wedding to attend. God! i sounds selfish!

that saturday night, the pain was so unbearable hubby can't wait for the tukang urut that abah looked for; i drove him to the clinic. there being limited clinic operating on saturday night we can't be choosy. the doctor gave him a jab; it was supposed to be a very strong pain killer as the doctor said hubby can jump within minutes after that, but nothing happen. he can't move, kalau dah baring tak boleh bangun, kalau dah duduk tak boleh berdiri, macam orang paralysed (touchwood), sampai makan pun bersuap.

the next day (sunday) right after my bestfriends wedding which i attended with yaya (only), we drove back to subang. nak jadi cerita masa tengah drive tu tiba2 aku pulak diserang sakit perut & angin satu badan, tak berhenti2 sendawa sepanjang jalan, siap dengan mual dan nak termuntah. ni gara2 perut cramp sejak 2 hari lepas, asyik masuk angin jer. punyalah tak larat nak drive dalam mual2 tu, vision pun tak berapa clear, hujan lebat pulak tu, rasa nak collapse jer kat tepi hiway tapi kugagahkan juga.

sampai je kat rumah terus kuserbu keluar kereta dan dengan tak tertahan2nya membuak2 lah muntah. uhhh lega bila dah muntah hilang sakit perut & angin segala. barulah boleh concentrate on driving hubby to sjmc.

we got to sjmc, i had to get a wheelchair, nak push him on the wheelchair pun an effort jugak, time nilah aku rasa kalau aku ada extra 20kilos kan bagus. sambil tunggu hubby been thoroughly checked kat dalam resus room tu sempatlah aku sms kat bos apologise for not attending the wedding. boringnya duduk sorang2 kat ER dekat 1 jam tak tau apa khabar berita. finally aku terjah juga bilik resus tu.

we decided to get hubby warded so he can be monitored closely coz masa tu kami tak tahu apa punca back pain dia. an x-ray put off the possibility of slip disc, alhamdulillah. but still in his state yang tak boleh bergerak tu nak juga kami tau puncanya. he had a 6.8mm gallstone in his gallbladder. that was the reason for his severe back pain, bukan slip disc or injured nerve but a gallstone!

after going through 2 sessions of physiotherapy a day hubby can move his limbs, he can walk, dressed up and eat on his own so we got ourselves checked out yesterday afternoon. tomorrow he's booked for a minor operation, laser treatment agaknya.

i'm so exhausted! berulang alik rumah-hospital-office for the past 3 days, tak cukup tidur & rehat. know what i learned from this whole incident? we (me & hubby) here in subang living miles away from our family, only have ourselves to look after each other in better or worst. our support system sangat kurang. my parents & siblings are all in seremban. whereas hubby walaupun ada adik & kakak kat cheras but they are not mobile. so i told hubby that we can't afford to get sick so frequent sampai ke tahap warded coz we have small kids. we are lucky our maid yang baru ni sangat boleh diharap. she took care of the children dengan baik sepanjang aku takde kat rumah. for that i am grateful that she came into our family.


SHIRAH said...

salam pn pics ker ??

eiseai said...

kesian en liasari.

get well soon...

watie said...

lor...mcm itew la pulak..hopefully ur hubby x ada apa n semoga cepat sembuh....

n u also...try to rest gak..

Liasari said...

thanks guys... mr liasari dah sihat hasil jagaan wife dia yg mithali ni. penat2 jaga dia tau2 ahad lepas dia sambung pi outstation one week! geram jer