Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Last Journey

the journey to eternity that no one will ever escape has come to claim the life of a colleague of mine, in the wee hours of the morning or perhaps in the midnight in the most less expected way by his immediate family; where he passed away in his sleep. why? there are several health factors but shall remain speculative since it was not confirmed by a medical practitioner. how? nobody will ever know for sure hanya dia dan Allah swt sahaja yang Maha Mengetahui.
the sad news came while we were lazying watching tv after having a heavy breakfast. it was around 11 am when i went upstairs to shower (i know its rather late, well it's sunday) but i paused to check my hp. initially we planned to go looking for some plants at the nursery along the roadside heading towards Sg Buloh & Kota Damansara. hubby dok merungut bertanyakan apa program hari ni? nothing much sounded so boring for him so i suggest we go plants hunting. neither of us realised that God had already had a programme for us today.
so, we went to pay our last respect at Kota Damansara (what a coincidence with my initial plan kan?). arwah left behind a wife and two young children, the eldest a girl aged 8 and the youngest a boy aged 5; who were too young to register what was going on. si adik muttered something "siapa nak bawak kereta lepas ni?" he doesn't look sad or rasa pelik tengok orang ramai kat rumah dia. the sister was very cool, i'm not sure whether she was trying her hard to look strong in front of everyone or she just doesn't quite realised the impact of her father's death. but she didn't cry either and sounds like nothing happen. except she complaint that she doesn't have appetite when we pujuk her to have something to eat. the only time that i saw her almost moved with tears was after she went to kiss her father for the last time, but still not a single tears shed. it was too much for me to handle... tengok anak2 dia yang masih kecil aku pulak rasa merah2 mata. the wife... besarnya dugaan Allah swt buat dia. she passed out a couple of times.
though i wasn't that close to arwah & his family but the sight of his wife kejut2kan dia suruh bangun masa jenazah being taken away buat aku rasa hiba tersangat amat. i'm not sure if i can go through this when the time comes.
it reminds me to re-visit my deeds... dah bersediakan kita for the last journey?

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