Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My New Toy

remember my recent post on my wishlist? how i'm dying to get at least one of them dalam waktu terdekat? alhamdulillah my prayers has been answered. ahad lepas hubby bought me the kenwood chef mixer sebagai hadiah anniversary. well, we don't make it a habit bertukar2 hadiah sempena anniversary... with the exception of this one.

i knew he would read my entry, in fact he reads them all though he doesn't want to admit that he is my no. 1 fan!!! ;-) bila dia cakap nak belikan the mixer aku cuba2 juga nak tukarkan mixer kepada handphone (well that's not in my wishlist but i need a new one anyway), handphone murah sikit takde lah banyak keluar duit dekat2 nak raya ni. well i'm just trying to be a considerate wife, tapi hubby kata he's buying me this kenwood mixer for a reason. since it is our anniversary gift he's giving me something that the family can benefit from. in other words, i get what i want, a toy for my passion for baking, he & the children will benefit from sampling my cooking. so he contibutes something that will contribute back to ... ehmm him! dia memang terrer bab2 swaying me towards his own interest tau!

this mixer model Chef 800watt was selling at cheaper price compared to the 700watt model. since orang dah nak belanja... kita sapu jelah kan? excited sangat dapat new toy ;-)

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s2m3r said...

wah..dah ada toy baru
tetiap hari masak cam si ida le tau
roti roti....sangat jeles ok