Friday, 10 October 2008

Mess... Success?!

Phewww!!! I stayed up late tonite to finish decorating the mini cuppies for my son to bring for his classmates tomorrow. I made chocolate cuppies this time around; frost them and sprinkle choc chips on top of it… most kids love chocolate don’t they? Well at least mine does… ;-)

The chocolate cake recipe was easy, but it took some time to cream the butter and sugar together with the ratio of 1/2c butter: 1 1/3c sugar. I double the recipe to produce around 40-45 something mini cuppies (I’ve lost count sebab penat!) yang tak bestnya my cuppies mesti melimpah ruah… dah ikut instruction to fill ¾ full or perhaps my ¾ full tu tak sama dengan orang lain punya ¾? Hehehe… comotlah sikit cuppies ku.

For those who’s been wondering what’s the special occasion, well, there’s no special occasion; not specifically. Saja je buat sempena hari raya ni kan coz last ramadhan fahmi berpuasa so he didn’t join the class for its usual tea break. So fahmi would like to share this treat with all his friends & teacher (s).

Ingatkan senang je nak buat frosting nya… aduiii leceh juga ye and I guess it tooks a lot of practice to get the smooth textured of icing macam orang lain buat tu. Since aku cuma belajar dari internet, kira not bad lah kan? hahaha ni statement nak sejukkan hati sendiri. And my kitchen is in a big mess!!!

Tengahari tadi hubby bagitau all the teachers at fahmi's school been asking if i made them for sell and if yes they'd like to order some.... huhuhu cuppies sememeh gitu nak jual? it is far from perfect malu giler nanti. Fahmi said all his friends likes the cuppies... of course they do, didn't i say kids love chocolates? :-) Next time whenever I'm experimenting with new recipe, I know where to send my sample to... I have more than a handful volunteers at his school.

some decorated with chocolate rice... not in the pic some decorated with chocolate shave

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