Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I Want To Be Sick!

owhhh i think my flu is coming back. ri tu masa baru sok sek cecepat ku telan tablet selsema yang paling strong. tau jelah aku ni kalau pergi klinik mesti minta ubat selsema yang paling strong dan tak mengantuk so that i can still go to work without feeling drowsy. pasal tu hubby kata aku gila kerja and kerja always no 1 in my life. which is sooo not true, i think everyone who reads my blog knows yang aku in a love-hate relationship with my... job. no matter how i feel towards my job aku tetap tak boleh ambil ringan amanah ni. it's complicated, susah nak terangkan... i'm emotionally complicated. well, i don't really hate my job, it's just the people around me.

so, i took the tablet before the flu bug dominates my body. alhamdulillah it goes away but i was left with really bad cough and sore throat sampaikan at times i had difficulty to breath dan i had to limit my self from talking to people because i'd get shallow breath. so yesterday after dropping by to the office to check things aku decide to take the day off. but before that i had to go to cyberjaya to record my statement over this case we lodge to multimedia commission about certain website. you see, just sitting with the investigation officer for 1 1/2 hours buat aku rasa sesak nafas. he made me repeat what i've already written, but i couldn't blame him, he's only doing his job. rasa irritating sesangat tapi aku control je, padahal dah tak tahan nak pengsan sebab sesak nafas. by the time i reached home it was already 3.15pm... kononnya nak took the day off lah? hubby called tengahari semalam to check on me. well i couldn't blame him, he knows i couldn't be trusted when i said i'm taking the day off.

now, today as of petang tadi tetiba rasa lelangit sakit jer. aku tak taulah apa maknanya pada orang lain but for me that means i'm going to get selsema. now i'm worried coz yaya masih tak baik batuk & selsema lagi, kalau aku start selsema i mean this time really selsema with my nose dripping and all that, entah bila yaya pulak akan sembuh. padahal 2 days ago i told myself that i don't mind if this time i get a really bad selsema and demam coz i haven't had it for like 2 years plus since i removed my tonsils. seriously, sejak i had my tonsils remove aku tak pernah lagi demam like betul2 demam. i always had aura demam or selsema je but it always goes away... sebab aku cepat2 telan panadol.

in fact this time around aku purposely makan ice cream and minum air sejuk so that aku betul2 selsema teruk. crazy kan? hubby sure bengang kalau dia baca ni. but aku rindu nak sakit... dan 2 years plus tak ambil MC, rugi. bukannya dapat best employee award pun. :-) but for the sake of my children aku tak boleh sakit. got to take that tablet before i go to sleep.


SHIRAH said...

rehat laa puan salwa....

Liasari said...

aku nak sangat rehat. dah lama tak amik cutiii tapi keadaan tak mengizinkan... cuti PH pun kena kacau. adehhh tensen.