Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mee Udang Trip

i have been meaning to update a few entries this week but due to internet settings problem i can only type entries but couldn't upload them. hubby is one itchy hand who went to update something that makes the whole internet setting goes haywire. urghhh!!!hence, my blog has been very quiet but in reality my life, not.

while my blog has remain quite the whole week last week, my life was not. on friday we decided to drop our hectic and mundane life behind for the 4 hours drive to Penang to fulfill my curiosity and quench for mee udang. well, as you know we have been planning for this trip over and over for the past 2 years but never came close to do it. we were supposed to go for it last 2 sundays but had to drop in the last hour coz everyone was down with cold and cough.

and i have been meaning to take some day off from work just to relax and relieve a bit tau2 ajalah things has been very stressing lately. and it has been ages since i last took some rest from work. so on monday last week, i told hubby that i want to take off day on friday and saturday, doing nothing but just stay indoor. hubby said ok and added if that's the case he might want to take friday off as well. well, pucuk dicita ulam mendatang, bagai orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal maka aku pun dengan sukacitanya ajak hubby to materialised our mee udang trip yang dah berulang kali been postponed. all of this exchange of word was done through email. yes, we (me & hubby) speak to each other at work through emails. we plan our holiday, our children's birthday, our raya and house renovation plans through emails. this way at least dua-dua pihak ada proof of what been said and agreed (minuted as in a meeting) during the discussion so that nobody can just simply pull out or change their mind by saying "no i didn't say that..." hahahaha teruk, kan?

okay so back to our mee udang trip. so, on friday morning after our heavy breakfast ( i made nasi lemak wrapped in daun pisang) we left home with the kids and kakak heading north. we travel light with the kids spare clothes in a small bag coz it was intended as a day trip only. hubby offers to book us a room somewhere but i refused. it was school holiday, the room rates may double up and it is not a good time to spend more money on unnecessary expense. with the exception of this trip, of course. i keep on telling myself while booking a room somewhere may incur unnecessary cost, this delayed trip was not, it was a must do thing, taking advantage of current fuel price and the yet to take effect new toll charges. so we have to do it now or never.

hubby had second thoughts about going. i almost burst at him. i may not be the most spontaneous person on earth but sometimes i do like to do things at the spur of the moment. to just let yourself go, follow your instinct, don't look back or think twice.

so here we were, at last. by 3pm we were having mee udang and nasi goreng udang at Sri Tambang restaurant located by the river at Sungai Dua. it was raining by the time we reached the place. it was not quite a proper restaurant, it was more like an extended warung. we chose our udangs and let them cook the dish. ermm... having tasted what mee udang Penang is like, ermm i must say that the taste didn't quite live up to my expectation or the stories accompanying it. bukannya tak sedap, sedap juga tapi entahlah i was expecting it rich with flavour. but it wasn't bland either. i found myself enjoying the nasi goreng udang more than the mee udang. maybe it is just that selera aku beralih angin that day. or perhaps i should go to the more famous mee udang at Teluk Kumbar as recommended by ami. but the problem is, hubby kata dia tak arif sangat jalan kat pulau. kalau tak tentu kami dah sampai sana.

semangkuk besar mee udang enough for 5 people

muka kesian laparlah kononnya tu

on the way back kami berhenti rehat & solat kat R&R bukit gantang. we bought some tropical fruits, durian belanda, kundang masak ranum, jambu air yang manis sangat and some lemak manis mangoes. suka benar yaya makan buah2an tak reti berhenti... dia memang hantu fruits, sampai at every stops kena bawa dia ke washroom sebab perut dia memulas. akhirnya the next day barulah tercoroi.

dua orang hantu buah

puas hati finally dapat pergi juga. dan penat sakit badan duduk dalam kereta satu hari. we arrived hone at almost 10pm malam tu. the kids memang dah tak tahan asyik duduk je tak boleh melompat & terkinja dalam kereta, they end up fighting in the car sebab bosan. well, memang macam tulah most of the time bila travel jauh, either they get so chirpy bercakap & bernyanyi tak berhenti, fall asleep atau bergaduh.

so, does this trip worth it? yes, sebab puas hati dapat rasa sendiri what mee udang is like but i prefer nasi goreng udang. and no, coz sakit badan asyik duduk dalam kereta dan my earlier plan to just relax tak kesampaian. i know i promised hubby that i'd take turn driving, but you know me hubby, i'm much better as a co-pilot keeping you awake with my chat rather than risking everybody's life. but i did finish half of the stretch on the way back kan? okay maybe not half but a little bit more than a quarter :-)

but i promise next trip to batu pahat in search for the authentic nasi beryani gam i'll drive 1 whole stretch. if he ever get around to get us there first ;-)


Ami said...

lia,kan dah ckp,tgk2 lia masak lagi sedap :p

eiseai said...

udangggg...udangg...mee udang ke nasi goreng udang ke grill ke prawn cocktail ke (cait...masuk gak mat salleh tu), saya sukaaaaa

Liasari said...

huwaaa jgnlah cakap gitu, dah mula rasa nyesal penatkan badan & habis duit kat petrol & toll ritu...huhu

puan sally,
compare ketam dgn udang sy lg suka udang coz senang nak makan! hehe lama x makan bapak udang (lobster), eden kat subang parade dah tutup!