Thursday, 2 April 2009

On Her Birthday

today, my little princess turns 4. she claims that she's 6, sometimes she talks and act as though she's older that her age. she is talkative like a 'mak nenek', who would have doubt she's 6 except when they saw her physique and suara halus dia. but she is only 4. 4 maybe a big number for some kids. with fahmi, he was a big boy when he turned 4 last year and each year i can feel him growing up, moving away from my cucoon. but it is not the case with yaya... 4 is still a small number for yaya.

perhaps because she's small in her physique, thus i still sees her as my little princess, my baby
perhaps because she's the most 'manja' between my two child - she still need to be cuddle to sleep and always insist that i put her to sleep
perhaps because she's the most dependent one - which is translated as 'malas' to her brother because she always ask for help bila nak kemas toys or the mess that she make
perhaps because she still couldn't fit in to a 4 year old's bajus (she wears 2yr old pyjama's) and shoes
perhaps because she loves to mimicked baby's voice - much to her brother's irritation
perhaps because she's still on diapers at night
perhaps because of the fact that she's the youngest one

for whatever the reason may be, no matter how strict i am (want to be), no matter how 'bekeng' i am with my children, there will always be a time when they are deep in their sleep, i will still look upon them as my babies.

i have so much hopes for her, all the things that i dreamt of as a child but could not achieve, i would not impose those things on her, but me being me - as any other mothers out there i would want her to have the best in her life, to make the best out of her life, to live her life to the fullest. i pray for her bright future, i pray for her best of health, i pray for her being a good daughter and sister and i pray for her to grow as a good muslimah. amin.

a pity daddy couldn't be around for her birthday and i could only managed to get her a small chocolate cake. but she's happy, as happy as i want her to be, on her birthday.

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