Friday, 1 May 2009

May Day

Hubby left for his kampung while I was still in bed early this morning. He was called back to help menabur baja at PIL’s rubber estate. Though it is going to be a long weekend I decided not to join because Yaya’s saturday class is still on and there’s nothing much I can help at the estate. Furthermore I’ve already made plans for my baking project ;-).

My baking project begins as early as I leave bed (how early is that depends on what time i woke up...;-P). I started off with preparing the buttercream; wilton style – stiff and sweet to iced the cupcakes that I’m going to bake, later. I wanted to bake green tea cupcake but I don’t have green tea powder in my pantry, which means I have to go out and get some from the baking shop or the supermarket? I went to cold storage first since I also have a list of groceries to buy. Tapi terasa bosan pulak nak pergi shopping sorang2, nak bawa both fahmi & yaya rasa crowded sangat. Akhirnya kuheret yaya aja sebab yaya ni tahan sabar bershopping lama2. I was lucky fahmi tak merungut sebab tak ajak dia. I told him to stay at home; finished off his homework and watch tv since it’s his off day from school. I got back from shopping pun dah almost 1pm. Since hubby is not around bolehlah aku cuti memasak apatah lagi makan. I leave it to kakak to prepare the kids lunch for today. As for me, aku sibukkan diri membaking and decorating sampai pukul 6pm baru berhenti rehat dan mandi.

cubed cream cheese inside

Dinner tadi we went to secret recipe at bukit jelutong. Sunyinya makan sedap2 tanpa hubby. Nasib the kids didn’t lost their wits and antics… terhibur juga aku dengan gelagat diaorang. Fahmi sangat teruja nak makan lasagna but in the end dia tak larat pun nak habiskan his lasagna. While yaya on the other hand, buat aku terkejut bila dia habiskan sepinggan chicken spaghetti, walaupun kiddies portion tapi masih banyak. Yaya said dia serupa macam ‘kirimaru’ watak kartun dalam siri Hagemaru yang kuat makan. Hahaha… I guess she is right, she is kuat makan.

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eiseai said...

salwa...if u pegi BJ for dinner next time, try the new pizza place, san fran pizza. sedap and not so ex. the mushroom soup is great.