Thursday, 2 July 2009

Craving For Cheese Cake

i have this craving for cheese cake this week. not just any cheese cake but oreo cheese cake. this craving comes with the wanting to bake my own oreo cheese cake. walaupun kami masih lagi ban US product but because of this nagging craving, i had to make an exception to lift the ban on oreo biscuits, temporarily (bleh caya ke? ;-P) until my craving subsided.

i was never a fan of cheese cake, couldn't really stomach them because it is too rich with cheese. thus, i never keep a cheese cake recipe. but having tasted oreo cheese cake from secret recipe few weeks ago, i kind of like it but just a little at a time. am getting tired of making the trip to secret recipe just to get a slice of oreo cheese cake, so i baked them last night according to a very easy peasy recipe i found at myResipi.

ignore the slightly burnt marks on the far side of the cake, it deosn't effect the taste of the cake anyway. 3 kuntum fondant roses nak menginterframe, which one paling cantik? the one in the middle ke? hehe roses tu interframe untuk tolong tutup burnt marks hahaha. but i'm baffled to see the burnt marks how the heck does that happened when i used bottom heat only from start to finish. owh whatever, next time just for precaution i'll cover the top of the pan with aluminium foil.

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