Sunday, 30 August 2009

9 Ramadhan 1430H - Do You Speak Spanish?

i bought a small box of canelones (canelloni in italian)yesterday at cold sotrage subang parade. i've been looking for one for a long long time and for once i thought i'd never found one in malaysia. i've been subsituting canneloni with lasagna sheet dan gulung to resemble the actual canneloni. until yesterday... rasa macam tak percaya pulak bila dah jumpa.

mula2 ingat canelones/canelloni ni memanglah datang dalam bentuk roll berlubang di tengah untuk letak filing. bila sampai rumah ku keluarkan dari packing rupa2nya bentuk flat juga macam lasagna sheets. huh... kenalah aku gulung sendiri.

timbul satu lagi masalah. aku tak tau how to prepare the canelones sheets. the instructions at the back of the small box were written in Spanish! kalau aku gamble sendiri rasa2nya cara penyediaan tu sama kot macam buat lasagna. still aku tak nak ambil risiko aku pergi ke babel fish and type the whole thing semula... in spanish! merangkak2 lah akak nak type word by word. nak tau what it says? well basically my first thought about how to prepare the sheets were confirmed by this translation. just for the fun of it i'm going to paste the whole thing below. happy reading

and the english translation:

in a casserole with just a little bit of oil and butter sofrie the meat of calf and the breast of chicken, divided and add cut ham. to sprinkle it with sherry and, when one has evaporated, to add the tomato to him and to ripen it with salt and pepper. cuecelo during hour and a half, soon retiralo and leaves cools off. pasalo by the cabbage-cutter and guardalo for the filling. while, you boil the plates of canelones in abundant boiling water with salt. narrow-hipped and once cold, pon in each plate two spoonfuls of the filling. soon ponlas in a source, previously greased with butter. it extends a white sauce layer superficially, dusts rallado cheese and soon it adds scattered cowhistles of good butter. it puts the source in the hot furnace during 20 minutes to 180c

certain word tak make sense and sounds funny but at least it helps. so when will i make the canolones? filingnya dah siap kubuat malam tadi, sekarang tengah duduk dalam freezer tunggu masa yang sesuai. buat bila hubby balik nanti kot. marah pulak dia nanti kalau kami makan sedap2 tanpa dia hehe

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