Friday, 16 October 2009

Food Fight

i make hubby and the kids choose what they want for dinner tonite. but what's the choice? chicken lasagna or spaghetti? oh pilihan lah sangat kiranya tu? both pun pasta hahaha. betapa susahnya mereka nak buat pilihan coz memang semua orang dalam rumah ni suka makan pasta, provided that it is served with bolognese sauce.

the kids keliru dengan selera masing2, they want both actually. the first time i popped the question fahmi jawab spaghetti while yaya wants lasagna. the 2nd time aku bertanya lagi sebab nak menguji hati mereka, this time both jawab lasagna. nampaknya the kids cukup 'kalah' dengan lasagna compared to spaghetti.

now, when the kids dah made up their mind aku pulak yang separuh hati menerimanya, coz deep down aku dah terasa bosan pula makan lasagna. lately ni kan kerap buat lasagna. so i called up hubby. sengaja i dragged him into this tangle coz he's the one with veto rights kan? hehe. for the first few seconds he doesn't seem to be able to answer me directly. i knew by then that he was having difficult time choosing between these two option yang not quite an option. they so love lasagna & spaghetti. finally he choose spaghetti for the same reason as mine although i can tell he'd very much like to dig into lasagna, again. if only they can have both, unfortunately the sauce is just enough for one.

finally, who won this food fight? spaghetti did! ha ha

psst... i promise hubby i'd be making nasi bukhari this sunday. it'd be his advance birthday celebration. his birthday is on monday next week, i won't be able to cook anything special on weekday and don't quite feel like going out to eat. sejak raya ni asyik makan kat open house orang je kan. masak sendiri lagi best kan kan kan?

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