Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Before The Year Ends

year end is just around the corner. seperti biasa bulan december begini banyak jemputan kenduri kahwin, but we haven't been to any yet disebabkan kesibukan pindah rumah. yet my hips dah makin melebar. i normally woke up with flat belly tapi kalau pagi2 lagi belly dah bulat semacam i knew i had put on weight. still i weigh myself few days ago and i'm 1.5kg heavier than before! last year around this time i was weigh below 55kg. i wonder what i eat differently this time around.

i think it must be all the comfort food and raya food that i indulge in few months back - aidiladha's menu, pastu every week makan nasi beriani, danish pastry, choc cakes, pasta, manhattan flaming prawns almost every weekend, nasi and nasi and more nasi.

macam manalah agaknya when i start going to the birthday party and wedding reception hujung minggu ni? mesti macam belon! arghhh ...

takpelah makan sepuas2nya, sebaik habis semua jemputan kawin by 3 januari ni i'm going to watch my diet and makesure i get back in shape.

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