Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mood Swing, Playing The Good DIL & SIL

last night we went to visit my mil who is visiting at my bro in law's house in kapar. yes, now apart from a sis in law yang stay in sg long, cheras and baby bro in law yang stay in sentul, now we have another close relative yang stay much much closer to us in kapar. bil or my children fondly calls pak cik boden just moved from pasir gudang to kapar with his two young children.

i made mee rebus which we brought over to bil's house. the absence of a lady host in the household made me feel compelled to prepare something untuk di makan bersama instead of datang berlenggang tangan kosong. can't expect a male to greet us dengan hidangan terhidang can't we. and can't expect my mil to do the cooking for us since she is also visiting while at the same time doing her best to help out sekadar termampu. tambahan pulak with house still in chaos and his two young children baru je settle down in school.

the house is spacious. tak sangka pulak tnb kuarters for executives seluas ini. ada 3 bedrooms with attached bathroom and 2 utility room yang cukup selesa untuk dijadikan guest room, 1 bathroom next to the utility room, a kitchen yang a bit smaller than mine and a spacious living room - enough space to host makan2 (though i doubt he'll be hosting any). walaupun rumah tu agak lama, tapi kalau di cat balik dinding dan grill i think it will look much much better. owh sakitnya mata tengok kotak2 yang masih tersadai di tepi2 dinding. pindah rumah satu kerja yang leceh! terasa gatal tangan nak mengemas dan mendeko kan rumah tu hehe. mengada2lah aku ni rumah sendiri pun tak habis deko & kemas lagi! ;-P

kami yang bertiga (me, hubby & kakak) pun took us so long to get things organised in our new house, inikan pulak bil yang have to do everything alone. pity him and the children. the children lah paling kesian coz this will be the first time they moved to a new house without their mother. owh i shouldn't go there... i really shouldn't go there. it will only play havoc with my emotion yang memang dah sedia havoc ni.

i have the most terrible mood swing these past few days. the things at the office drives me crazy. the calls that i've been receiving were outrageous, it drove me to the point where i for the first time tak peduli lah siapa or apa title the caller spat back rather rudely.the call was so provocative sampai i totally lost my patience this time around. if you know me you know that i'm the most cool and calmest person if not in the world or in malaysia at least in this office (at home i'm a different person ;-)) tersangatlah cool nye aku ni sampai kalau orang menyampaikan berita (batu api) pasal si polan si polan mengata or mengutuk aku pun aku bleh rilek aja. whatever, you can't get under my skin.

kesian kat hubby the other day. dia pun terkena tempias mood swing aku. but darling if you read this, those thing that i said to you last week walaupun attributed by the mood swing but they are real. very very real, fact.

i guess the things that has been going on around me has unearthed the dragon in me somehow. and the mood swing, is still there - kecil punya hal pun boleh buat aku emo.

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