Monday, 10 May 2010

My Mother's Day

My mother’s day was a blast. Thanks to my children who did a wonderful job of remembering it, made 2 handmade mother’s day card (one from each), one who insisted to present me with a stalk of pink rose while the other goes along with her daddy’s idea of surprising me with an array of flowers in a pot delivered to me at home on Sunday morning while we were having our breakfast in front of our house! What a delightful way to begin your day :-). I am one happy mom.

It doesn't matter that the card so comot. What matters most are the wordings on the cards sounds so jujur. They wrote them down themselves takde siapa yang mengajar. Fahmi made 2 cards for me, the 1st one was made at home guna kertas A4 putih aja while another was made on a plastic cut out love shaped di sekolah. He wrote in his first card:

"Saya sayang mama sebab mama suka buat abang gembira. Terima kasih mama."

I asked him what if bila mama marah would you still love mama? He said yes.

Yaya's card was made out of a manila paper at school. Inside she inserted a piece of paper where she wrote on it:

"Saya sayang mama sebab pandai masak kek. mama saya cantik. saya sayang mama."
Owh I know which cake I bake that she loves most hehe. I asked her what if mama tak pandai buat kek would you still love mama. She hugged me standing and buried her face on my midriff and said yes. So it doesn’t matter if you can’t bake or you are not pretty or you always yelled at them for their mischief, they’d still love you. They love you but they don’t know why they love you so much. They love you for no specific reason other than you are their mother. To me that's the purest form of love.

To all mothers out there, happy mother’s day. Hope yours is as wonderful as mine. Thanks hubby for guiding the children into making my day a wonderful one. Muahhh to all three of you.

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