Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Strawberry, Green Tea & Lemon Curd Macs

I am mad mad about macaron
and I blame david lebovitz for it
the success with his recipe has renewed my passion for macaron
if it is not for his fool proof recipe I don't think I would give macaron another try so soon
and now I seems couldn't stop myself from keep making macarons!

I wanted to see if I can play around with his original recipe, adding flavours to it
I replaced the cocoa powder with orange food colouring but it didn't turn out good
it lacks solid - a mere pinch or orange powder colouring is no match to replace 3 tbs of cocoa powder
adding up almond meal also doesn't seems to work fine
my maths if failing me (siapa nak mengaku dia fail maths ;-) he he he)

I search again for another fool proof recipe
and 1 recipe caught my eyes mainly because it comes in small portion
you only need 1 egg white and the rest of the ingredients are measured by cup
siapa yang tak suka recipe yang sukat pakai cawan terutamanya bila my digital kitchen scale is failing me (yeah keep on blaming others - saya yang failed to read the warning signs, battery pun ada jangka hayat juga okeh!)
less hassle, less kitchen aid required and makes life simplified
this is one recipe that's going to bring my passion for macarons to greater heights!

and voila!
I made 3 variations from the recipe posted by deeba of
again it is a fool proof recipe, you don't need to alter anything
just follow through and success is waiting for you
2 things I did differently - I omitted the egg white powder sebab I don't have any and couldn't find any from bagus yesterday
I bet egg white powder is similar to meringue powder produced by wilton but I won't try to subsitute it
Saya berani to omit the egg powder because most other recipes tak pernah guna pun and still ok, so I cross my fingers and took my chance
Alhamdulillah my meringue turns out OK without the egg white powder - strong, stiff and firm
then because my oven is big I have to let may macs in the oven for a little bit longer by 5 mins
I baked them using upper and bottom heat and after 10mins in the oven I changed to bottom heat only to let the mac cook through
I found that it is OK to put back your macs into the oven bila dah keluarkan tapi the middle masih basah
sebab the outer shell dah cukup keras takdelah dia akan mengecut, in fact macs ni takkan mengecut pun

green tea macs, strawberry macs and lemon curd macs (blue)

cik Yaya nak sangat saya buat strawberry macs, I don;t dare to add liquid strawberry paste in to the batter so saya buat strawberry filing aja lah
as for the lemon curd macs pula saya letak half a teaspoon vanilin powder into the batterkemudian warnakannya biru sebab teringin saya cuba powder colouring yang saya baru beli
i skimmed down sugar usage in the lemon curd because I like my lemon curd less sweet and tart
the green tea macs pulak kurang rasa green tea, next time kena letak lebih
it gets its colour dari kombinasi warna serbuk green tea dan apple green colouring
I give them chocolate ganache filing, ni pun sebab cik Yaya suka makan coklat

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