Tuesday, 14 August 2012

25 Ramadan 1433H - Siakap Bakar Ala Jimbaran

Ikan bakar again!
Tapi terlalu kerap guna resipi yang sama made me go for a change
kalau selalu buat ikan bakar portugis dengan air asam superb Puan Ayu
this time around saya beralih kepada resipi ikan bakar ala jimbaran

Sounds familiar to you?
of course lah kan to those yang have been to bali would have come across a place called Jimbaran where people go to see the sunset
I was told that jimbaran has stunning picturesque as well as a perfect place for seafood BBQ!

I went to Bali once but we didn't go to jimbaran
the kids went along with us so the timing wasn't quite perfect - staying out until late
but we had our fair share of superb seafood back at our hotel
I have to say that rempah ratus for seafood BBQ di sana sangat sedap!

I got the recipe from this blog
It was so sedap, you got to give it a try

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