Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Macam Mana Belajar Tadi? Ok???

Don't you think it cute, when normally you as a mother would be attentive asking your children how their day at school went by? Only to be the one receiving such attention?

I attended a cake decorating class today in Bangi. Yeah, cari ilmu jangan pernah berhenti kerana takkan pernah cukup sebab ilmu Allah itu luas sifatnya. It was a long journey to and fro; took me 2 hours with the heavy traffic and what not. My right arm is still slightly aching even after I religiously rub the voltaren cream every other day. My shoulders are stiff. I took 2 panadol half way through the class because I was getting a headache. I was anxious I couldn't reach the place on time. Earlier on my car's battery went kaput and had to get it replaced. It is easy for me to get headache when I'm anxious. And the class was 7 hours long. I was very very tired when I got home. And very hungry too. Thinking and running here and there leave such effect on me.

So when Fahmi attentively asked me "Macam mana belajar tadi? Ok??"
I was bewildered at first. Macam biasa dengar je ayat tu kan?
He stole my line!
Tapi jujurnya, saya sangat tersentuh.
Terasa ringan bahu ini. Otot-otot pipi yang ketat serta merta galak menguntum senyum.
This boy, selalu sentuh hati saya dengan cara yang sangat tak dijangka.
Oh I know I'm biased. Layan jelah saya ni ;-)

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