Monday, 12 January 2015

I Miss Them

The kids have gone back to school for half a day and I already started to miss them. I couldn't believe it I'd miss having them around. But I really do. They were great company during the entire school holidays.
They hardly fight with each other. But when they do... they really drive me nuts haha. They know their Mama is always penat after baking and cooking for them so they always keep their voice down bila saya sedang berehat.

Ia saya akui sangat penat menguruskan jadual mereka sepanjang cuti sekolah kali ini. They have swimming class 2 times a week dengan jadual yang adhoc. Kena standby je sepanjang masa bila-bila swimming master mesej bagitau ada kelas. And chaffeur Yaya around for her taekwondo tournament. Shopping for their school uniform, entertaining them with trips to book shops etc. But yet saya rasa inilah school holiday yang paling tenang. How is that so?

They sleep in, normally after performing Subuh prayer they went back to sleep. So that gives me ample time to clean the house, do laundry, cook breakfast. And they eat whatever I prepared for breakfast. After that they went to do their own activities which is watching tv for Yaya and PS2 for Fahmi. 

There were times when I'm so lazy to go out in the sun kutip pakaian yang dah kering, Fahmi did it for me. Kalau saya rasa penat sangat nak lie down tapi risaukan pakaian yang belum kering sedang cuaca pun dah mulai mendung, saya tak perlu risau sangat coz Fahmi or Yaya akan tolong alihkan ampaian bila hujan. 

Now they've gone back to school saya rasa sunyi pulak. I miss their company so much. At times kami duduk bersantai sambil membaca bersama dan berdiskusi. Dan towards the end of their holidays I make them do some exercise untuk refresh balik pelajaran which they obediently did. Kadang saya rasa tak percay how they have changed so much from last year. I remember past year's school holiday were a disaster for me. Mainly because our maid gone back for good at the beginning of school holiday and it was the first time saya spend masa yang begitu panjang with the kids while I had to run the household chores and baking and what not.

Saya sedar. Anak-anak saya sudah semakin membesar. Mungkin kerana itu mereka juga kurang nakal sekarang dan menjadi lebih memahami. Lebih accomodating. *Sigh*... i'm going to miss their baby years.

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