Friday, 13 April 2007

I've Been Tagged

I’ve been tagged by js. So here you are…

1. Your gender:

2. Single?
happily married

3. Want to be?:
I don’t want to be single at my age… susah oo mau cari jodoh, kena fight dgn awek2 yg muda… hoho but I wonder what it’s like to be single at 28. anyone?

4. Age?

5. Age you wish you were:
29… so that I can have a big celebration on 29 September 2007!!! I told myself that I’m going to celebrate my 29th birthday sebab this 29th sept i'm turning 29!

6. The color of your eyes:
brown. hubby won’t admit it thou :-P. eh how come none of my kids have my brown eyes? sayangnyer…

7. Yourself:
I am a calm person, hate chaos, love kids, suka menyendiri

8. Your Hair:
dark straight hair. now 2 inches past shoulder length… i should get a hair cut. dah tak muat nak simpul masuk dlm net sanggul

9. Your Favorite Item:
my collection of books & magazines
Top in my favorite list is my judith mcnaughts

10. Your Favorite Drink:
fresh orange juice… pegi makan mana2 pun mesti ni jer I order. hubby sure buat camni :-P

11. The Room You Are In:
computer room cum mini library cum mini closet

12. Your Pets:
i dun have pets, not allowed to

13. What You Want to be in Ten Years:
a homemaker. boleh ke?

14. What You're Not:
tak panas baran… tak cepat mesra, I dun make friends easily

15. One of Your Wishlist Items:
can I write more than one? new civic 1.8, a ticket to NZ & korea

16. The Last Thing You Did:
had my shower

17. Your Favorite Book:

yeah… paradise, perfect, something wonderful, once & always and a kingdom of dreams all by judith mcnaught(wink wink kat js)

18. The Last Thing You Ate:
a slice of mango mousse cake

19. Your Life:
everything is in control, at least for the time being

20. Your Mood:
am feeling good… I always feel happy every time I read the comments in my blog. had I know writing a blog wud make me feel contented, I wud have done it sooner.

21. Favorite color:
hate to admit it but my closet is full of pink bajus
purple & blue too

22. My lover is:
k.o.c.a.i ;) wink wink

23. I'm listening to:
perhaps love, sarangnaghia

24. Maybe I should:
stop dreaming! sometimes I’m just like alice in wonderland, I can lose myself in my dream world

25. I love:
my hubby, my 2 little terror, family & friends

26. My best friends are:
the one who care to listen to me, understand me when nobody does, who lend me her shoulder to cry on… I’ve lost a best friend once; I dun intend to lose more

27. I don't understand:
what I don’t understand

28. I miss:
my kampungggg… bila nak balik t’ganu lagi nih?

29. A lot of people say:
i’m slim, some people say I’m skinny, one person today said I’m anorexic!can u believe that?

30. The meaning of my name:
penghibur… no wonder salwa abd rahman jadik penyanyi, she is born to entertain people

31. Love is:
beautiful. everything seems to be very beautiful when you are in love

32. Read the newspaper:
only on weekends, if I’m lucky I gets to read a few pages from the daily newspaper

33. Take walks in the rain:
love it… I like it when it rains… like to sit by the window and just listen to the raindrops

34. Drive:
reckless driver… keep your distance

35. Like to drive fast?
yup… I drive fast from subang to seremban … I made it in 45mins

36. Been out of the country:
hahah jakun… never leave my country even for a second. only in my dream

37. Been in love:
yes, truly madly deeply in love with the man I’m married to now
once upon a time foolishly think that it was love before I met him

38. Ran away from home:
why would I do that?

39. Been on stage:
performed traditional dance “lenggang kangkung” when I was in standard oneand other performance throughout my schooling years

40. Judged other people by their clothing:
I dun judge people by their looks, clothing, how they think etc
tak suka buruk sangka

41. Are you trendy:

no… but I’d love to, its just that I’m too comfortable with the way I am now susah nak tukar style

42. Something that happened to you in 1995?
kena pulau dengan cikgu, I break some guy’s heart

43. Last thing you said aloud?
”tolonglah…” i wasn’t pleading anyway, more of asking somebody to shut up

44. What colour is your toothbrush?
light yellow

45. Last thing you bought?
pre-cooked instant lasagna sheets

46. Best ice cream flavour?
baskin’ n robbin’s caramel ice cream

47. Last person you hugged?
hubby, this morning

48. Do you talk alot?
yup, when I’m in the mood to talk

49. Is laughter the best medicine?
oh yesss… soo true

50. Do you prefer giving smiles or getting them?
i tend to smile back when people smile at me, try not to smile that much nanti macam kerang busuk pulak…

51. Do you admit when are wrong?
Yes, whenever it’s proven that I’m wrong coz I don’t do anything wrong on purpose. what is considered wrong to other people might not be wrong to me. there is always a reason why we did what we did

who wud i tag next? shida it's your turn :)


eiseai said...

hehehe...siap pun 51 answers. not as bad as u first thought kan?? eh, kena ada gak mention judith mcnaught tu :)

SHIRAH said...

uihh banyak tuh nak kena jwb soalan.. but i will try (not now)