Saturday, 5 May 2007

Carricature of Yaya

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before anyone get confused let me just tell you that it is a carricature of yaya.
me and hubby both agree that the piece of art doesnt really resemble yaya, tapi mata tu adalah sikit2 macam mata yaya, plus i managed to get her hair tied up exactly macam dalam gambar tu.
cute kan? hehehe.. i'm bias of course. we had the carricature done while having our lunch at sheraton subang tengahari tadi lepas habis kelas tumble tots fahmi... for free.
yes, the they told us it's a complimentary gift for the diners, but we can see that not all diners get their face drawn by the artist. i guess we are just the lucky one... yaya is.

on the way back both fahmi & yaya kena marah dengan daddy. the kids were tired, so masing2 start buat hal. kena marah, kena "shut up"... terus zzZZzzz...

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sampai rumah, mama & daddy pulak zZzZzzzz... a short outing but rasa so exhausted, due to the flu kot.

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