Monday, 7 May 2007

Very Berry Discovery

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call me jakun if you want, but for someone who has never been out of the country, I’ve never get to experience what a fresh sweet juicy strawberry taste like until yesterday! if that makes me a jakun… so be it.

I am fond of strawberries. if i saw strawberries whenever i go to the market for our weekly supplies, i wud stop for a few mins membelek2 the berries and fikir berkali2 to buy or not to buy. had my first experience eating strawberry masa lawatan sekolah to Cameron highlands masa standard 6 dulu. I was full of anticipation masa visit to the strawberry farm. tapi indah khabar dari rupa… the freshly picked strawberry that cost me $10 per pack was sour, if I had my eyes closed while biting into its flesh I cud have easily thought I was eating mangga muda. nevertheless, I brought it back with me and share the sour experience with my mum, sis & bros.

I remember watching Chef Wan in one of his famous cooking programme, fishing for ripe strawberries from the many fruit stall at a street in California, if i'm not mistaken. Masa tu dalam hati terdetik “bilalah dapat pergi sana rasa strawberry yang betul2 manis…”

heheh akhirnya jumpa jugak strawberry yang manis kat carefour. imported from California, so as stated at the label, paid rm6.99 per packet. brought it back, wash, drain and popped one into my mouth… uhhh manisnya. we (me, hubby, fahmi & yaya of course) finished the whole packet and found myself dying for more. malam tadi, lepas maghrib, pujuk2 hubby pergi carefour lagi and bought back 5 packets more!
puas hati! :)


eiseai said...

uuuuu...i likeeeeeeee!!

dulu gi strawberry picking time spring. murah2 semua. siap makan time picking lagi. bila dah kenyang baru pick utk bawak balik rumah...

s2m3r said...

tgk strawberry tu cam lazat je..
tapi so far tak pernah sekali pun iLa dapat yang manis...tension betol

Liasari said...

eiseai: huhuuuu bestnye... i slalu berangan pegi ladang strawberry, pastu teringin nak gi ladang buah kiwi kat nz

s2m3r: ughhh memang lazat sgt ila. manis giler juicy betul. fahmi & yaya makan strawberry mcm makan nasi!