Monday, 21 May 2007

Family Gathering

It was hard to get the whole family gathered not even on hari raya. tau2 jelah when 3 out of 4 siblings married, yang 3 tu mesti kena ikut giliran balik beraya, left only the youngest one to celebrate raya with my parents that is provided he doesnt work on hari raya.

alhamdulillah yesterday I managed to gathered them all (except my bro in-law) to celebrate my sister’s birthday at the Asiatique Restaurant, Royal Adelphi Hotel. All from atuk to nenek, mummy, daddy, ummi, pak ngah, mak ngah, ucu, kakak farah, kak yam, kak shirah, abang upie, fahmi, yaya, nana, amalina & the youngest and smallest of all baby ayien. Pening with the pet names? well the pet names are for the benefits of kanak-kanak ribena sebenarnya. Lets revisit the family tree, shall we?

1st Tier
1. Atuk & Nenek – my abah & ma (short for mama)

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atuk takkan makan mee jer kot?

2nd Tier

2. Ummi – she is Ya to me & siblings, Mama to her children, Ummi to her nieces & nephews

3. Mummy & Daddy – me & hubby, we are mummy & daddy to our children, nieces & nephews. ramai kan anak2ku?

4. Pak Ngah & Mak Ngah – my younger brother & his wife. he is ‘adik’ to the siblings, mama & abah to their children

5. Ucu – he is ‘baby’ to the siblings, hes so malu to be called baby in front of his frens so he created the reverse version ‘ebby’. hes lucky the nieces & nephews don’t call him baby but opt for ucu instead.

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yaya with daddy

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Maryam, Amalina, Ummi, Farah with her hair all over her face, Mak Ngah ducking into her food eh korang dah pakat eh pakai pink?

3rd Generation
Ranting Ummi
Kak Yam @ Maryam (cucu instant atuk & nenek)
Kakak Farah
Abang Upie @ Lutfi (cucu instant atuk & nenek)

Ranting Pak Ngah
Kak Shirah @ Shahirah (cucu instant)
Nana @ Sharina
Ayien @ Shahrin

Ucu takde ranting lagi and my ranting dah tak yah disclose lagi dah… hehe

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three stooges... Upie, Amalina (geramnya si tembam ni) & Fahmi

Yesterday was not only a birthday celebration for ummi, but the tell-all day for her. except she doesn’t have to tell us, we figure out ourselves by looking at her bulging tummy. ummi is 7 mths pregnant with her 3rd baby (apart from her instant children)! I’m laughing at myself! teruknye aku kakak sendiri pregnant pun tak tau… hehehe way to go Ya. the same day I visited pija, she ask me this question “kak ya bersalin bila?” I thought that she must had such a difficult delivery, urat dia putus and keep on remembering last years event so I dismiss her question with the “are you kidding look” and told her the baby is already 1yo. jangan marah pija.

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what you think hiding behind amalina can conceal your bulging tummy from us eh? :)

nampak gayanye dah 4 tahun berturut2 lah nenek & atuk dapat cucu. meriahnya rumah nenek! :) I’m grinning.

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