Tuesday, 15 May 2007

That Boy Of Mine

an old friend of mine who was also my bridesmaid is now in labour. she is due to deliver her 1st child anytime any second from now. we sms-ed petang tadi, the last thing she mention was that shes been admitted, started to feel mild contraction from waist below, 3cm dilate and shes scared to death, contributed to the fact that she might be giving birth to a huge 4kg baby boy. shes afraid that there might be problem in delivering her baby.

it reminds me of my own experience delivering fahmi. some snobbish doctor scolded me because he expected my unborn baby going to be huge. i was at my 36wks back then. "apasal you mau baby besar? nanti susah mau beranak" i feel like slapping his face hard. heyy aku bayar ko bukan untuk marah or buat aku susah ok. anyway bukan susah sangat nak lahirkan fahmi. he was a chubby little baby thou.

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budak montel with daddy

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why are you crying my baby?
anyway, that was 3 years ago. now my chubby baby has transformed into a lean boy. gone his chubby face and sturdy limbs, i wonder how he lost all that baby fat so easily when i had to starve to death to get slim. hes all grown up now, with his 'mawi' haircut that i detest so much. no i love my boy, but i hate his haircut, thank you to hubby who got his new haircut done at nearby barber shop.

hair on
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hair off
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hes changed a bit since he came back from the barber. hes acting harsh againts yaya, macam gangstar (read gangster), kasar semacam jer, masa tak shave rambut pun dah macam power rangers. sampai hubby pun regret getting his head shaved. hubby kata next time tak mau botakkan dah... hehehe tau takpe!

he can suap nasi on his own, i'm amaze looking at him scoop nasi into his hands dan suap ke mulut. we've never teach him how to suap nasi, but i realised that my two kids are very attentive, they watch you and they replicate your act. thats how they learn. yaya pun dah pandai suap nasi sendiri, but of course ke mana tumpahnya nasi kalau tidak ke lantai!

i miss my chubby baby, dulu2 masa kecik he needs to be cuddle in order to sleep. nak mama cuddle kalau daddy cuddle sure dia tak tido. i love to cuddle him, so that i can smell him, every baby has his own smell that makes you feel content and tenang je. now hes grown up he doesnt want to be cuddle to sleep, tak macho kot... but every now and then he still claims his 'peluk-peluk' time, which he always gets if yaya is too occupied with whatever shes doing. kalau dia terperasan... habislah 'peluk-peluk' time fahmi.

hes so bubbly lately. bercakap memang petah tapi bahaya ooo… cannot simpan rahsia. last few weeks I took him out with me, shopping. bila balik rumah hubby ask him “mama bawak abang pergi mana hari ni?” he said “pegi jalan2” hubby ask “buat apa?” fahmi said “mama pakai seksi!” whoops! merah padam muka mama.

the other day, sambil rileks watching tv after dinner, fahmi blew up bibik’s secret.

“mama, siang tadi kan, bibik joget joget” heheh this is sumthing new. “bibik joget apa?” fahmi goes “bibik joget dangdut… macam gini macam gini haa” doing his chicken without head dance part goyang2 bum bum tu. bibik shy shy cat kena caught in the act.

even bibik admit that nowadays fahmi dah boleh buat kawan bercerita. yesss… I agree, if hes not in his cranky mood lah.

back to my friend, semoga pija selamat melahirkan... amin...

update: pija safely delivered her 4.1kg baby boy at 4am early this morning thru c-sect. it seems she has a valid reason to worry so much. phewww! i wonder how she carry the 4.1kg in her tummy... shes much much smaller than i am - 16 may @1300hrs


s2m3r said...

oh my god...4.1 kg...
sib baik tak normal delivery..
kalau tak...isk tak dapat bayangkan susahnya dia nak deliver...

Liasari said...

haha ila, my fren ni small built, klu dia bleh normal mmg tabik spring sama dia. kepala bb sangkut tak bleh keluar, no choice kena c-sect gak.

NadiahKhair said...

alaaaa...comelnye fahmi kecik..kenal lia pun fahmi dah besar panjang..xsempat jumpe pipi chubby tuh..
rambut mawi sehh..he looks a bit different.. but ensem still.. :)

Liasari said...

nad: rasa tak puas gomol dia masa kecik, jap je dah besar panjang... rindunya kat pipi tembam dia tuh

eiseai said...

fahmi...mama tak suka rambut pendek tu takpe. auntie sally sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)