Monday, 30 July 2007

Finding A Nest

I’m torturing myself again with the ‘nest’ hunting activities. as if I’ve got nothing better to do like cleaning the house, re-organising the furnitures (pooh, as if I bother so much about re-organising things inside my house ;)), or at least doing my therapeutic exercise in the kitchen … no lah, can’t even stretch my legs let alone my arms in the tiny kitchen can I? apalagi if not cooking! which I did later after the heart wrenching nest hunting activities.

I wonder why I let myself doing this again when all its going to do is breaking my heart even more than whatever damage already done after the 1st hunting at sunway kayangan. it was foolish of me to think that I’d find another dream house out there if I cannot get my hands on this.

the result of the nest hunting was a heart wrenching dream :-( . I dreamed that I bought this house.
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but in my dream the windows are different, it has no horizontal and vertical panels crossing each other. it was a straight glass windows. in my dream I had the glass windows engraved with patterns of green daun keladi, and the wooden frame instead of white coloured, in my dreams it was wood coloured. the combination of the carved daun keladi and wooden framed gives my nest a touch of a resort home. on the opposite there was a small pond, with waters from the fountain splashing all over the place. it was greens everywhere, and it feels sooo like… home.

that was in my dream. but this is not a dream… the exterior does send a tug at my heart when I first set my eyes on it.
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I like the exterior paintwork.

but once inside I wonder what the architect/designer think when he design the interior of this house? the design doesn’t do justice to the large built up. what’s the point of having a 22x70 home when it gives not much different to the 20x65 home we have in kapar? is that the difference of having a big name compared to a biasa2 name developer?

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the bathroom attached to the masterbed is so small, i may need to walk over the wc to get to the other side

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nice to look at but the interior is disappointing *sigh*

but one thing i like about this place, in the middle of it there's a surau under construction. if we choose to live here, dapatlah menikmati suara azan berkumandang tiap waktu... mmm


watie said...

huhuhu...kisah rumah nih.buatkan hati den terluka still lokking our dreaming house but semua yer x berkenan...pening kapla dok survey tau

azie said...

liaa..cantik rumah ni...pasal bath room tu nnt ada extra saving pecahkanla kasik besaq...
kat mana location umah ni ekk..?

eiseai said...

waaa...the rumah very the lawa lah. suka the brick-type kat tepi2 tu...and the colour so calming. tapi the bathroom does look a bit small. susah nak mandikan baby dlm bathtub while the abg long intai over our shoulders...

Liasari said...

watie: apa dah jadi semi-d kat sect 7 tu? hehe kita klu dpt yg tu teruja sgt! ;)

azie: tapi kan azie x leh lupa bathroom sunway kayangan, ala2 hotel gitu... ni kat subang bestari not far from our place

sally: tu lah pasal... bathroom tu a big let down... :-(

NadiahKhair said...

aduhaii citer pasal rumah baru ke..
i'm also thinking of buying a new place with lots of 'tanah' and square foot..without having to pay toll and going through major hiway..
tapi nak carik rumah idaman nih susah without the bottomless cash option kan? ;)

Liasari said...

nad: hahaha tell me about it. rasa nak nangis gue!