Sunday, 29 July 2007

Wedding Bells, The 'X' Week & Birthday Bash

what a weekend!

I went to a wedding on saturday … not just a wedding but my second cousin’s wedding. a second cousin (jaja) that I only know exist when I was 23, whom i’ve last met 5 years ago. if it wasn’t for my first job offer in port klang, I would never know that I have a second cousin that shared first name with me. I felt terrible for not knowing my father’s side of family… he estranged himself from his ‘syed’ kinfolk since young. i was sort of like bringing them together back then. it was the first time I went to her house in taman sri andalas. I’ve only ever met her masa dulu2 at tok wan’s house (tok wan is my grand aunt, grandma to jaja, of course) in port klang.

I had second thoughts about going, I have not met or communicate with them for the past 5 years, I wonder how they’d react in presence. they were a bit aloof , but I couldn’t blame them considering what my dad did by estranging himself, could i? plus I’ve never return to tok wan’s since I left 5 years ago. but I’m happy that I went anyway. I’m happy to see the faces that had given me shelter when I needed one. I’m sooo happy that I re-united with Rahmah@Sharifah Rahmah, another second cousin. she’s a warm hearted young girl, so warm hearted that I clique with her instantly masa menumpang rumah tok wan dulu. I left before the bride makes her grand entrance, rushing for fahmi’s tumble tots class in subang parade. I left a gift for the bride, just to let her know I was there. Selamat Pengantin Baru Sharifah Asyukeen Aleeza, I used to call her jaja, hope I get the name right.

okay enough about wedding/family reunion. so next week gonna be the ‘X’ or ‘ekkss’ week for fahmi’s class. got to prepare something with ‘x’ for him. with limited words and things which begins with ‘x’ the teacher gave us leniency to come up with something not only begins with ‘x’ but also anything with an ‘x’ in the middle or at the back of the word. so what it’s going to be? I don’t know yet… not now when we have to get ready for baby hakeem’s 1st birthday bash (liza@putralady’s baby). we are late! supposed to be there on time for cake cutting at 3pm… but my lil’ kittens are sleeping. so does my luvvyduvvy ‘wild cat’ ;-) . time to wake them up…


liza said...

thanks for coming.. n the present also.. sorry ek kalo terkurang itu n ini.. so, kelam-kabutlah.. nak hire catering, my mum susah sikit nak offer org lain, dia really trust her fren.. tapi auntie tu last minit husband dia sakit.. lain kali sudi²lah datang lagi..

p/s: x sempat nak kacau anak bujang dia dgn daddy dia kite pulak yang segan..

Liasari said...

liza: best kan buat 1st birthday party? thanks 4 d invitation. ramainye jemputan liza, segan gak memula. sib ada muka2 yg familiar... anyway we enjoy the food, wow banyaknye cupcakes.
cuma x dpt main2 dgn birthday boy je, nampak monyok... penat kot kena serbu... hehe
fahmi ekceli look forward to meet ur adik yg ikut ms party bb neesa ritu... tp x nampak pun dia