Saturday, 21 July 2007

The "M" Week

today we had to prepare something for fahmi's 'letterland' class. they wud be rotating alphabets every 2 weeks in random, and the children is required to bring things beginning with the 'letter of the week'. so this week is the 'M' week.
ever since the teacher told us what's the letter of the week i've been trying to figure out what fahmi should bring for the class. hmmm ... my 'walking dictionary' is short of word beginning with 'm'. i can't figure out anything else but 'muffin'. but we can't be bringing more food item to the class can we? not after the 'W'afer that we asked fahmi to bring in last 2 weeks, the teachers wud think we really are the food frenzies family. every letters wud be associated with food. ha ha ha...
so i have to think fast and list down everything that begins with 'm'. so here's my list:

muffin - emmm... reject
mirror - we can bring the one dalam bilik komputer tu

hubby finally went for 'motorbike'. okay whatever, since hubby yang hantar fahmi to school today so i let him get away with it. i think i would go with mango (boleh makan jugak hehe), beli kat kedai buah depan rumah tu, bukannya susah pun ;-)

i need to dig for more words and simpan dalam my 'walking dictionary'...

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