Sunday, 22 July 2007

Reaching Out

when i left the lush green grounds of UKM 6 years ago, i lost contact with almost all my uni mates, faculty mates, kamsis mates, housemates and roommates. except for norashida @ shida (we were in the same classes coz we took the same major) & rohayu @ ayu(girl next door at kamsis - she used to bully me into translating her anthropology assignments). i envy those people whom from time to time still be able to catch up with their uni mates. i dont know what went wrong or how it went wrong, but i felt as though my 3 years of uni days doesnt exist at all. i hardly saw the same faces in uni anywhere around kl. it really made me feel sad coz when i left uni i thought that someday me & my unimates would bump into each other for at least once in our lifetime.

for the past 2 years i've been dying to hear about all my uni mates. the only connection i have is through shida & ayu, since they are both so far away in alor setar & ipoh, we only get connected once in a while through emails (which both of them hardly send me any for the past 1 year) and sms (which i noticed that my sms to ayu for the past 4 months came unreplied, i wonder why). still not much i heard about the rest of my unimates from shida & ayu. i'm dying to know whether suraya@sue, my roomates for 2 years from penang who aspired to become a radio DJ did really become a DJ? or whether she is married coz while we were busy with our last year papers she was busy courting... the boy she was dating at that time had already asked for her hand. but i've never received any wedding invitation from her so far, on the contrary i'm the one who'd been sending wedding invitation to all my frens a year after graduation! i send invitation cards to many people from uni years, those whom i called frens, kalau acquaintances tu ramai sangat, satu FSKK jer ada 500 over, yang satu kuliah komunikasi jer dah 200 lebih. but none turn up... sad :-(

so the result of nil connection with all of them is... i've forgotten most of their names... but not their faces. i can't believe it... i'm very particular about peoples name, i used the remember all my 43 mates from class of '94 & '95 names, with their bins and bintis and their d/os and s/os and family names.

so, i've given up any hopes to bump into my old unimates. until last night, when hubby took me & the kids to tesco shah alam for our dinner, he's been telling me that there's a food stall operated by chinese muslim family selling homemade yellow mee dishes. except i've forgotten niat asal nak try the mee when i bump into my old fren from uni having her dinner kat foodcourt tu. we were looking for vacant tables when i saw one lady sitting alone at a 6 chairs table. i would never forget how she looked like, she's still the same chubby girl i used to know, except she's not wearing glasses anymore. but i recognise her immediately... i would never forget her name coz we shared the same first name, tapi second name tu yang slow skit nak ingat. ah yesss... sharifah fauziah... syukur pada Tuhan... akhirnya jumpa jugak sorang. so we chit chatt and with the limited time we had tried to catch up on each other's life. she's seemed surprise with how my life progress... me married with 2 kids. i think i know why fauziah ;-) .i'll talk about it in my future entry, hopefully soon haha...
i've got her number saved in my hp. so will catch up some more later. fauziah, if you're reading my blog, jangan marah ye on my remark kat atas tu... hehehe

i'm feeling... happy, no not just happy... puas! Allah answered my prayer...

what about the rest of them? honestly i've lost count... i need to re do my unimate list and try to ingat balik nama2 semua orang... pencarianku baru bermula


SHIRAH said...

Wa,ingat semua nama dlm class 94/95 ?...baguih2x..
emm wondering about Wong Sook Fun..any news ?

Liasari said...

shida... i used to remember all 43 names class of 94/95... tapi skrg ni dah berkarat lah... hahah maklumlah byk urat dah putus :)