Monday, 9 July 2007

Weekend Updates

Not so much of a weekend treat for the kids, apart from going out to send fahmi for his Saturday class, we spent most of our time at home, the two lil kittens (fahmi & yaya) berkepit with hubby who just got back from his long outstation trip in malacca . while me as usual bila Saturday off I’d be busy in the kitchen preparing food to tempt my love ones; I made nasi tomato with ayam masak merah & vege dalcha. and I also baked some pineapple tarts yang hubby minta buatkan. except he didn’t eat that much sebab tonsil dia bengkak.

The kids missed their daddy so much. At one point the 3 of us were practically fighting each other to steal his attention. so to be fair to everyone, hubby took us out except we cudnt decide where to go. finally we ended up at SACC mall. it was my idea. mind you I didn’t do it on purpose walaupun hati sebenarnya meronta-ronta nak menjenguk gulati’s. I promised myself I wudn’t spend unnecessarily this month. but I just couldn’t help myself, I promise I wud take a quick peek only but I end up getting myself sepasang printed silk cloth yang sangat cantik & menawan. Harganya… telan air liur pun tersekat. Mmmph… I closed my eyes and forget about the $$$ tag. there goes my azam, konon2 this month nak control shopping. huh control kunon…

though it was just a short outing, the kids have a fun time running here and there. pantang nampak air. they were so attracted by the small replica of a fountain depan restoran asiari, and also the big fountain depan dave’s deli. they’d be inside the pool if I let them be.

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eiseai said...

kalau nak control shopping, dont go to ikano :)

Liasari said...

uwaaa... next month baru bleh pegi ikano... itupun takut bajet dah abis, august banyak event ler