Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Hubby been away for 3days now. He’s due to comeback on Friday. He hasn’t been taking outstation job since we had fahmi. Lately with the demand from his office, guess me & the kids have to get used to not having him around for 3-5 days a month, I hope it wud stay as occasional trip only. When we’re apart, we text each other.

hubby : boring lah… mkn sowang2… dok bilik sowang2… eeeiii… boringggggggg
me : tulah sapa suh duduk hotel asing2… Ur kids solat maghrib sama2 tadi & baca doa
hubby : bagus diaorg
me : gaduh skit2, x mengamuk teruk. tadi fahmi kata klu daddy xde, nnti kita dpt daddy baru
hubby : (shocked)
me : hahaha sy pun terkejut. dia boring kot tu dia ckp cam2
hubby : bg tahu dia, daddy pergi sbb fahmi x moh dengar ckp daddy… suka marah daddy… heheh mesti dia meraung lps tu kekekeke (fahmi almost did but he quickly

compose himself and came with his cool reply)
me : fahmi kata dia x nak marah daddy lg.

the two lil kittens really miss their daddy but they are doing fine so far. maybe masih belum sampai tahap rindu giler lagi kot. wait and see in another 1 day, I’m sure they’re going to loose it. the last time hubby left us for a long outstation trip, fahmi & yaya betul2 cannot tahan rindu they resort to throwing tantrums kat mama… sian mama huhu.

i hope I can still keep them occupied so that they wudnt ask much about mana daddy & bila daddy nak balik. dah 2 nights berturut2 fahmi & yaya performed maghrib prayer with mama. I purposely recited the doa loudly afterwards, for their benefit, harap2 anak2ku itu faham doa ku.
and me? whenever hubby left whether for a short trip or a long trip, he took with him half of my soul leaving a huge empty hole in my heart & mind. I miss my darling sooo much.

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