Monday, 27 August 2007

Counting The Day

everyone is counting the days towards Malaysia's 50th Merdeka Day.
i'm counting the days as well, looking forward to the days off from work inconjuction with the merdeka celebration.
me & hubby is in dire need of rest... we thought of going away, nothing far or luxurious. as long as both of us can rest peacefully... away from the house, and from the children for one day. maybe we stay overnight at a hotel nearby... still i couldn't imagine leaving the children for a whole day and night. we might chicken out to the last minute.
plus hubby haven't said anything yet. he's the one who had been talking me into it.
wait and see...


liza said...

i pun rasa nak rest giler.. mcm x cukup tido.. pastu dpt pulak jumaat straight to sunday.. hehe.. tapi cam nak gi jenjalan pun best jugak! hahaha

i dah try bg direction from kota damansara to subang.. tapi exit subang airport lama tau.. hope u will not get loss!

eiseai said...

kota damansara to subang??? oh cik lia...naik nkve follow sign board aje :)

Liasari said...

liza: oh heaven klu dpt tido satu hari suntuk... kaka
tp klu dpt shopping kat ikea ngantuk sumer hilang! kegilaan shopping plak skg nih... bila dah kering baru duk umah dendiam...hehe

sally: i dunno how to explain this, but both time also we couldn't find the nkve... i think we did the 1st time but we took the wrong turn...

there'll be 3rd attempt... hmmph