Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Hectic Month

hmmm looks like we have quite a hectic schedule for this month... apart from the weekly saturday class for fahmi benefit banyak lagi aktiviti2 lain yang dah ambil tempat. our weekends have been taken up.

12 aug - PCM gathering cum picnic by the lake side (i hope so not... harus my lil kitten bertukar jadi ducklings!)

15 aug - dinner organised by my office to appreciate our banker support (sounds weird right? when the one who should be throwing such dinner would be the banker instead to appreciate us their customers. ahh whatever, its the chairman wishes, we as the grateful employee humbly succumb to please him).

the only thing that's been bugging me is that attendees must bring their spouse. i don't want to go, but there's no way to escape. can't see myself sitting among these bankers, what do we have in common to talk about? and to bring my darling along?... i wouldn't drag him into something that i know he wouldn't like. ahh another headache... i have to think of an excuse if people (read my chairman) start asking me why hubby does not come along. with all these headache would i be enjoying the dinner? i think not *sigh*

18-21aug - we'll be off to KT for my counsin's wedding. yihaaaa! suka sangat balik kampung. but i find it weird that she choose to hold the reception on sunday which is working day in the east coast. whatever... as long as the bride is happy, we'll be happy for her :-)

26 aug - tentatively blocked for a birthday bash. haha sooo tak malu we haven't even get the invitation yet *wink *wink kat azie

with our hectic schedule, we might not be able to satisfy all other invitation. harap2 jangan ada yang kecil hati ye.


eiseai said...

26 aug ni ada another birthday? hmmm...i pun havent gotten the invite (triple quadruple wink kat azie...hahahha)

SHIRAH said...

waahhh..banyak nyer aktiviti..sometimes dah byk sangat ; mmg hectic..

azie said...

hahaha..guys...sorry for the late invitations...waiting to a fren who design the online invitition..anyway da sent...hopefully sudi la ke teratak kami....:D

Liasari said...

sally : hahaha notty sungguh mommies ni... blum sempat invite dah 'pekena' sekali. azie jgn marah ye ;-)

shida : beginilah hidup org dah berfamily... penat ke sana sini x sempat nak bergolek2 di siang hari...